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Long-Term Strategic Plan to 2050

After a thorough transformation that we began in 2014, we are now ready for a new phase in the evolution of our business model, which will take us to 2050. From today, and for the next thirty years we will be even more focused on the creation of long term value, combining economic and environmental sustainability.

Scope 1 direct emissions: emissions derived from company assets (e.g. combustion, flaring, fugitive, venting)

Scope 2 indirect emissions: emissions derived from the generation of electricity, heat and steam, which are purchased from third parties and consumed by company assets.

Scope 3 indirect emissions: emissions produced along the value chain upstream and downstream of the company's activities (e.g. suppliers and customers)


We designed Eni's evolution over the next 30 years by combining continuous development goals in a fast-moving energy market with a significant reduction in the portfolio's carbon footprint.

by Claudio Descalzi

Giving shape to the future: our Strategy for 2050