2002 Field Trip to Nigeria


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  • the press release and documents regarding the financial event, downloadable in pdf
On this page, the company’s financial results and presentations by the top management at meetings with the institutional investors and financial analysts.

October 25-27, 2002

Vittorio Mincato CEO
Stefano Cao COO E&P Division
Claudio Descalzi Senior Vice President for Operations, Italy, Africa and Middle East. E&P Division

Presentation of Vittorio Mincato

PDF 736.50 KB 25 January 2002 CET 00:00
PDF 736.50 KB

Presentation of Stefano Cao

PDF 276.37 KB 25 October 2002 CEST 00:00
PDF 276.37 KB

Presentation of Claudio Descalzi

PDF 2.69 MB 25 October 2002 CEST 00:00
PDF 2.69 MB