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FAQs Eni on the stock exchange and dividends

What is the taxation on dividends?

Witholding tax on dividends from ordinary shares paid to a foreign individual investor amount to 27%. Specific fiscal conventions in place between Italy and single foreign countries can entitle to a reduction of said witholding tax under certain circumstances. The foreign individual investor can claim to the Italian tax authority a reimbursement up to 4/9 of witholding (i.e. up to 4/9 of 27%) of tax paid abroad certified by the relevant tax authorities. If you are non resident in Italy and you want to claim the reimbursement, please refer to the following pages of the web site of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance.

What is the code number for Eni shares?

All the shares listed on the Italian Stock Exchange are distinguished by an alphanumeric code that has international validity.
This code is an ISIN (International Securities Identification Number).
For Eni shares the ISIN code is IT0003132476.
In addition to the ISIN code, Eni shares are also identified by two other codes for the Uk and US markets respectively.
Code SEDOL: 7145056
Code CUSIP: 26874R108

Shares are also identified with an abbreviation or ticker that varies according to the market: the abbreviation for Eni shares listed on the Italian Stock Exchange is ENI.

Depending on the financial news agencies (Reuters, Bloomberg) the suffix of the abbreviation may vary, as follows:

Italian Stock Exchange:

For information on Eni share price on the Milan Stock Exchange, please click here.
For information on ADR prices of Eni stocks on the NYSE, please click here.

Eni ADRs are listed without a suffix by Reuters (E), while the suffix N is used by Bloomberg (E.US).

Agency Eni abbreviation
Reuters ENI.IM
Bloomberg ENI.IM

Does Eni have a dividend reinvestment program?

No dividend reinvestment program is envisaged within Eni.

What do the terms "ex-dividend", "declaration date" and "payable date"mean?

Ex-date: the date from which shares are bought or sold without the right to a dividend. Declaration date: the date on which the Board of Directors announces the dividend.
Payable date: the date on which the dividend is paid.
Record date: is the date on which the company finalizes the list of investors who will receive the dividend payment.

Where can I obtain the updated Eni stock quotes and performance?

The updated Eni stock quote and performance are available on the web site in the "Investor Relations" area " Eni on the Stock Markets" /en_IT/investors/eni-on-the-stock-markets.page.
In this area, you can also find detailed information on Eni Companies.