Shareholders remuneration Policy

Eni’s Shareholders remuneration policy is structured as follows:

  •  an annual dividend with:

    - a floor of 0.36 euro/share that will be secured at a Brent Reference price of 43 $/bbl (Floor Dividend)
    - an additional variable component calculated as a percentage between 30% and 45% of the incremental Free Cash Flow generated by a Brent Reference price between 43 $/bbl and 65 $/bbl

  • share buyback triggered by a Brent Reference price of 56 $/bbl with a value of 300 Mln euro per year. This amount will rise to 400 Mln euro per year from $61 $/bbl and to 800 Mln euro per year from 66 $/bbl onward.

The Floor Dividend will grow as the company realises its strategic plan.

Total dividend payment (floor + variable) will be split 50/50 between the traditional dual tranches of payment in September and May.

Brent Reference price for the dividend and the buyback is announced in July, during the traditional half year presentation. 

The graph below shows the dividend and the buy back at each Brent Reference price.