We are growing to offer a full set of decarbonized products and services to our customers. The result of this strategic approach underpins our decision to accelerate our pathway to net zero with a 35% cut to scope 1+2+3 emissions by 2030 and 80% by 2040 (compared to 2018).


a) Plenitude 100%

b) Equity Eni, including CCUS services for third parties

Scope 1 direct emission: emissions derived from company assets (e.g. combustion, flaring, fugitive, and venting).

Scope 2 indirect emissions: emissions derived from the generation of electricity, heat, and steam which are purchased from third parties and consumed by company assets.

Scope 3 indirect emissions: emission produced along the entire value chain, upstream and downstream of the company’s activities (e.g. suppliers and customers).