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Our work in Saudi Arabia

We have been operating in this country on the Arabian Peninsula since 1984, primarily in the Refining & Marketing and Chemicals sector through our Ecofuel subsidiary.


Synthetic gas and polypropylene

In February 2019 we signed an agreement with SABIC, a major public company based in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia, with a view to jointly developing a new technology that transforms natural gas into synthetic gas for producing high-quality fuels and chemicals, including methanol. The partnership also envisages the construction of an industrial demonstration plant to be built and run at one of our sites, where we will develop the technology based on the short contact time catalytic partial oxidation of natural gas (SCT-CPO). Through Ecofuel we hold a 10% stake in the Saudi European Petrochemical Company (Ibn Zahr), founded in 1984, which has built and operates both MTBE (a high-octane component of petrol) plants with a capacity of 1.4 million tonnes per year at the Al Jubail petrochemical complex and polypropylene production plants with a capacity of 1.2 million tonnes per year.