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Strengthening our traditional business while building new ones, such as renewables, and supporting the circular economy are vital to a clear, low-carbon strategy that will benefit the whole country.


The country in which we started is where we invest the most

The challenges we face

Italy is undergoing a major process of energy transition that sees it heavily involved in pursuing ambitious decarbonization targets within a European continent that is already leading the world in the fight against climate change. Italy’s decarbonization strategy is based on a major commitment to energy efficiency and investment in renewables, especially with regard to electricity generation and transport. Natural gas has a critical role to play in this context. As a fuel with a low environmental impact, it supports growth in renewables and technological development.

Our strategy

We are working constantly to develop cutting-edge technology in line with the objectives of the National Energy and Climate Plan. We are implementing an ambitious transformation strategy, based on efficiency, integration and the use of new technologies. This began in 2014 with the conversion of the refinery in Venice, creating the world’s first biorefinery, with the Gela biorefinery following in 2019. Thanks to a project run by Eni Rewind, both will be able to produce bio-oil from organic waste in the near future. In recent years we have launched a major solar-power deployment programme on reclaimed former industrial areas, with zero land consumption. And last but not least, in 2019, along with our partners CDP, Terna and Fincantieri, we launched a project to build systems to produce energy from wave power on an industrial scale. This all stems from the research we carry out in our laboratories and from partnerships we have with Italy’s leading universities and research centres – and it underlines Italy’s strategic importance in our development plans.


Expenses 2019-2022

+1 billion € compared to the previous four-year period
Safety and the environment
Our core business
Exploration & Production
The role of gas in energy transition
Gas & Power
23 bn € Investment
The biorefineries, an important project for the circular economy
Refining & Marketing
Chemistry in Eni
The development of renewable energy for a low-carbon future
Energy Solution

Progetto Italia, renewables for the country

Three of them already begun and operating, for a total installed capacity of aroun
Projects in Italy in 2018
Circular economy, reducing CO2, and occupying, reclaiming and using land
Of power in the Assemini plant
240 mln € Investment in the Strategic Plan 2019-22
Plants near our sites in order to supply them or put energy on the grid
260MW ca
Overall plant capacity
To improve a range of industrial areas that cannot be used to other ends
Regions involved in Progetto Italia
An innovative plant with concentrated solar power (CSP)
Of power in the Gela plant


Cutting-edge technologies
Processing plants
+100 Offshore platforms
Production efficiency and respect for the environment
Wells in production


A widespread logistics infrastructure
4 refineries and 2 bio-refineries
Our presence along the entire Italian road network
Service stations
Eni is a leading operator in the Italian transportation business
Oil pipeline network


(including JV Matrìca).
Renewable chemical plants
8 Petrochemical plants
(including one at JV Matrìca).
Research centres


The company is in second place among electricity producers in the nation
of national electricity production
6 High-efficiency, combined-cycle co-generation plan
Modern combined cycle plants, which guarantee elevated environmental standards
of annual production on the energy markets

Eni Rewind

Advanced and sustainable technologies
~ 1,67mln tonnes
of waste produced and managed in 2018
~80 sites of national and regional interest
sent to recovery plants in 2018. Efficient reclamation and recovery projects
~ 58%
of recoverable waste (315,000 tonnes)

Energy solution

Italy and Africa, the areas where initiatives and investments are most concentrated
Installed capacity by 2022
12 Photovoltaic installation systems in operation
A business that will continue to grow in the coming years
0,45TW h/year
Production since 2023

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Eni's heritage in Italy

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Decarbonization and the circular economy

To ensure long-term sustainability of a low-carbon future, we are on a path towards decarbonization. It is one of the pillars on which our business model is based and supports an energy model in which everyone has access to innovative and clean mixes of energy. The urgent need to protect the environment is a great challenge but also an opportunity to save the planet while building a new, more inclusive economy. This requires our commitment and focus. We need to change mindsets and business models, which can be achieved by reducing waste.


Progetto Italia

We plan to develop renewable energy plants in Italy near our sites in order to supply them or put energy on the grid.

Digital transformation plan

Digital transformation is a process that affects our company across the board. It improves safety, ensures asset integrity, promotes the generation of skills, increases energy and operational efficiency and drives business opportunities.

Italy is at the heart of this journey, from project conception to building the first digital lighthouse. We are committed to developing technologies in many areas, from artificial intelligence to blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality, advanced robotics, the Internet of Things and sensors.

Digital transformation plan



Eni IT and the Green Data Center

The Green Data Center opened in Italy in 2013 and hosts all Eni’s application systems, processing infrastructure and central telecommunications systems. It is a highly technological plant built to international standards of excellence. 

It provides IT services to management, industrial and commercial departments and all our sites, integrating with 20 local data rooms distributed throughout Italy, and providing services in more than 73 countries. 

The Green Data Center