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Our work in Timor Leste

We have been in present in the country since 2006, and today we operate in the Exploration & Production sector, holding an 80% stake in four offshore exploration blocks.


Development and exploration of wells

In 2008 we made a significant oil discovery in the JPDA permit 06-105 with the Kitan-1 and Kitan-2 exploratory wells located in the Timor Sea. We started development of the Kitan oil field in April 2010 and began production in October 2011. In 2013 we were awarded a new exploration permit on a 662 square kilometre area located within the Joint Petroleum Development Area (JPDA) which is managed by East Timor together with Australia. The Production Sharing Contract (PSC) we signed includes a commitment to drill two exploratory wells during the first two years and an option for two more wells. In the JPDA we have identified a series of oil prospects which, in the event of new discoveries being made, are exploited in partnership with the nearby Kitan production field, which is operated by us and entered into production in October 2011, just three and a half years after the announcement of the commercial discovery. Finally, we are operators of the JPDA 11-106 PSC with a stake of 40.53% in a joint venture formed by INPEX Offshore Timor-Leste Ltd with 35.47% and Timor GAP PSC 11-106 Unipessoal Limitada (TimorGap) with 24%.