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Gas: from purification to sale

We work in the G&P sector in 28 countries and cover all aspects of the supply chain. When we extract natural gas in the gaseous state, it is treated to remove the less noble components. Given that gas reserves do not generally tend to be located in the same geographical area as the refineries or the user, however, we subsequently transport it by pipeline or LNG carrier. In order to do this, we subject it to a very low-temperature (-160°) liquefaction process and keep it liquefied at pressures slightly higher than atmospheric pressure. The volume of the gas is up to six hundred times less in this state, meaning that it can be transported in large quantities and becomes Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). The liquid gas is then regasified before being fed into the distribution network. Finally, our Eni Trading & Shipping (ETS) subsidiary oversees our international crude oil & petroleum product sales and ship transportation activities, while our wholly-owned Enipower SpA subsidiary enables us to operate in the thermoelectric generation sector.