Water: a sustainable resource

Among the main global risks, it requires efficient management to meet the needs of a growing population.

But water is also essential for food security and energy production. The issue of water crisis and solutions to address it.

Il vero valore dell'acqua

The true value of water

We can meet our climate targets if we act on water, we can fix our broken food system if we act on water and we can meet our low-carbon energy needs if we act on water.

by Tom Williams
11 March 2020
11 min read
Ente nazionale di ricerca CNR

CNR for sustainable development and research in Southern Italy

Together with the CNR, we have set up four joint research centres in Lecce, Gela, Metaponto and Portici for technological innovation applied to the energy transition.


A thousands routes of water

10 March 2020
min read
Un satellite nello spazio in orbita attorno alla terra

Space Resources

Some of the many projects aimed at conquering the resources available in the space.

by Michael Belfiore
05 March 2020
9 min read