Water: a sustainable resource

Among the main global risks, it requires efficient management to meet the needs of a growing population.

But water is also essential for food security and energy production. The issue of water crisis and solutions to address it.

Il rischio idrico

Asking the right questions on water risk

Investors need to intensify their due diligence and commitment to a whole range of water-related problems in addition to scarcity and pollution.

by Edoardo Borgomeo
05 March 2020
12 min read
Il vero valore dell'acqua

The true value of water

We can meet our climate targets if we act on water, we can fix our broken food system if we act on water and we can meet our low-carbon energy needs if we act on water.

by Tom Williams
11 March 2020
11 min read
Ente nazionale di ricerca CNR

CNR for sustainable development and research in Southern Italy

Together with the CNR, we have set up four joint research centres in Lecce, Gela, Metaponto and Portici for technological innovation applied to the energy transition.


A thousands routes of water

10 March 2020
min read
Un satellite nello spazio in orbita attorno alla terra

Space Resources

Some of the many projects aimed at conquering the resources available in the space.

by Michael Belfiore
05 March 2020
9 min read
Acqua virtuale

The concept of virtual water

It was invented by Tony Allan, who explains how much water is used to produce non-food consumer goods, including energy.

by Tony Allan
20 March 2020
17 min read
Il Green Deal europeo comincia dall'acqua

The European Green Deal starts with water

The new rules on drinking water are only one piece of a much wider puzzle, albeit a fundamental one. A good start, but only a start.

by Roberto Di Giovan Paolo
25 March 2020
6 min read

Water emergency

Water security is essential for the development and enjoyment of human rights. Together with energy, water is an asset that must be guaranteed.

by Loïc Fauchon
20 April 2020
8 min read
Goccia d'acqua nel deserto

Water in a G-Zero World

Living in an era characterized by the unravelling of the old American-led world order complicates both geopolitics and access to water more than ever.

by Ian Bremmer
22 April 2020
7 min read
Resilienza idrica

Creating water resilience

The world's water resources are currently subject to increasing stress, which threatens ecosystems, economies and society more generally, so the reasoned and planned commitment of companies is fundamental.

by Peter Schulte
24 April 2020
18 min read
Connessione tra acqua ed energia

A fundamental link

An approach that takes into account the close connection between water and energy would lead to significant steps forward on some of the main challenges of our times: tackling climate change, ensuring energy security and providing energy, drinking water and sanitation to the billions of people who lack these today.

by Molly A. Walton
05 May 2020
11 min read
Fonte di vita

The Source of Life

The idea of safeguarding water resources is not new, but we need to go further. We need to go back in time to restore that sense of sacredness and reverence towards water that our ancestors in all cultures had developed and maintained for centuries.

by Derrick De Kerckhove
13 May 2020
13 min read
Popolo africano

Instability Factors

The huge global imbalances in water availability, aggravated by climate change and population growth, increase the clashes between states.

by Moises Naim
19 May 2020
10 min read
La sostenibilità e la sicurezza idrica

Water Security for All

Water and sanitation infrastructure built in the twentieth century is one of the greatest engineering achievements of the time. Today, even greater innovation is needed.

by John H. Lienhard V
27 May 2020
13 min read
Domare i nove draghi

Taming the Nine Dragons

China has invested significantly in managing the development of its water resources and in developing a more balanced and sustainable growth path.

by Marcus Wishart
29 May 2020
16 min read
Le foreste come soluzione naturale

Forests, a Natural Solution

In addition to capturing roughly two billion tons of carbon dioxide a year, forests supply water. 75 percent of accessible fresh water comes from the forested river basins.

by Sara Casallas Ramirez e Elaine Springgay
10 June 2020
15 min read
Autore e scrittore Scott Moore

The Wrong Prophecy... for now

The wars in the 21st century would be fought over water: the prediction by Ismail Serageldin has not come true, but we’ll need inclusive institutions to ensure that it never does.

by Scott Moore
11 June 2020
11 min read
La biodiversità a rischio

Biodiversity at Risk

We need to move from the fire-fighting, issue-by-issue approach to climate change to one focusing on the root of the problem, which includes recognition of the importance of biodiversity at the base of the system.

by Thomas Miles Maddox and Pippa Howard
17 June 2020
17 min read
Colmare il deficit e finanziare le reti idriche

Closing Gaps and Financing Taps

In many countries in the sub-Saharan region, the financing capacity of individuals and governments is small compared to the amount of resources needed to guarantee that rural populations have access to water.

by Kristoffer Welsien
18 June 2020
11 min read
Nigeria water stories: il Lago Ciad

The Crisis at Lake Chad

In 2014, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization stepped in with several humanitarian programs designed to provide support to those displaced and offer medium- to long-term solutions to the problem.

by Al hassan Cisse
19 June 2020
7 min read