Exploring the United States

The American economy is expanding greatly and in 2018 joined the OGCI, through three of its leading companies.

America is not only home to big consumers of energy, but also great technological innovators.

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The Energy Dominance Agenda: Myth Vs. Reality

The U.S. is in the process of regaining world leadership in energy, although this cannot be attributed to the current administration.

by Douglas Hengel
11 January 2019
14 min read

Halfway Point

At the end of the first two years of Donald Trump's term, it's time to review some major policy areas of his presidency, from relations with Saudi Arabia to disputes with China and OPEC over trade and oil

by Ian Bremmer
09 January 2019
6 min read

The thaw can wait

In his first two years in office, the U.S. president has failed to achieve the rapprochement with Russia he promised to seek during during the 2016 campaign, and there is reason to believe that concrete results on this front will elude him over the next two years

by Fabio Squillante
24 January 2019
10 min read

The Body Electric of America

The traditional geopolitical power of the United States, based on its dominance of the sea, land and air, can now also count on unprecedented domestic production of oil and gas - an energy revolution that shifts the geopolitical balance

by Mario Sechi
17 January 2019
10 min read