The world to come

What are the short and long term economic and technological scenarios? How do we tackle the decarbonization challenge?

As we search for the answer to the Covid-19 emergency, it’s important to reflect on the changes that the new year will bring.

Transizione energetica

The inevitable energy transition

COVID-19 has provided the most significant economic challenge of the past 75 years. Engineering a recovery that does not make the world safer for all by meeting the needs of all would be a historic abdication of our responsibilities.

by Rachel Kyte
17 November 2020
12 min read

HPC5 for EXSCALATE4CoV: supercomputer versus Coronavirus

Effective drugs to stop the SARS-CoV-2 virus: HPC5 plays a key role in the EXSCALATE4CoV European project to treat Covid-19.


SUPERFAST#4 - A look at tomorrow

Supercomputing in Eni is in continuous evolution.

16 March 2020
min read
Turbina eolica

Renewable, it’s time to make strategic choices

Our response to two crises - Covid-19 and climate change - must be mutually reinforcing.

by Francesco La Camera
09 November 2020
5 min read

The world we want and the one to come

A more livable and sustainable world is within reach. We have the resources, technology, and energy necessary to make it happen. But vision, will and, most of all, courage will be required from all of us.

by Derrick De Kerckhove
05 November 2020
15 min read
A female student controls the work of an intelligent humanoid robot

My friend robot

The world of automation is making giant steps with increasingly intelligent devices that are radically transforming our way of life.

by Andrea Daniele Signorelli
01 December 2020
6 min read

The other digital me

A new technological edge that, thanks to an increasing amount of information, gives life to a virtual alter ego for each of us.

by Maria Pia Rossignaud
05 November 2020
6 min read
Modellistica molecolare

A Healthcare Challenge for Molecular Modeling

The Exscalate4CoV project is supported by Eni’s HPC5.

by Chris Dalby
15 September 2020
6 min read
Green economy

Sparking a green recovery in developing countries

Mobilization of capital, optimization of technologies and the creation of favorable conditions for private sector investments will be essential for the recovery phase, especially in countries with limited tax margins and poor access to energy.

by Riccardo Puliti
13 October 2020
22 min read
Rendere umano il mercato dell'energia

Humanising Energy

How are energy leaders and companies managing the crisis? “Our agenda is inspired by a vision of the energy transition that puts its humanization at the forefront”.

by Angela Wilkinson
08 October 2020
13 min read


Decarbonization, a word that is more and more frequently used when talking about environmental issues.

09 September 2020
min read