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Usa e Cina

The Global Powers Confront the Crisis

While the Trump Administration rejected green stimulus measures, China supported the clean energy sector, though those efforts have been offset by other, more carbon-intensive stimulus.

by Nicola Bilotta, Fabrizio Botti e Luca Franza - IAI
07 January 2021
21 min read
MENA, un compromesso fondamentale

MENA: A Fundamental Compromise

Oil exporting countries in the Middle East must understand that the reduction of long-term risk requires the acceptance of lower return from existing assets because of investment in decarbonization measures.

by Bassam Fattouh and Rahmat Poudineh
18 December 2020
15 min read
Utilizzo delle mascherine durante la pandemia

The Asian century is drawing ever closer

The new Coronavirus will accelerate two trends already underway: the establishment of a multipolar global order with multilevel governance; and the centrality of the Asia System, an informal web of relations not necessarily dominated by China.

by Valerio Bordonaro
05 October 2020
14 min read
Il risveglio dell'età dell'oro

The Golden Age Beckons

Ghana was the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to gain independence from the UK in 1957. Gold, cocoa and oil are the sectors that fuel its economic growth. Future goal: energy independence.

by Eni Staff
29 September 2020
1 min read
Goccia d'acqua nel deserto

L’acqua nel mondo del G-Zero

Vivere in un tempo caratterizzato dal disfacimento del vecchio ordine mondiale a guida americana complica sia la geopolitica sia l’accesso all’acqua.

by Ian Bremmer
22 April 2020
7 min read

GEO#2 – Energy for cooperation

Recent discoveries of enormous natural gas fields in the Eastern Mediterranean are revolutionising the economic and geopolitical balance among countries in the area, most of all Israel and Egypt. How?

14 July 2020
min read

The Policy on Gas Pipelines in Europe

Are we so sure that the European Union is really pursuing the aim of creating an integrated system of European gas pipelines?

by Demostenes Floros
13 June 2019
8 min read

GEO#1 - Energy for Europe

What energy challenges can Europe expect over coming years? We discuss this with Fabio Marchetti, Head of Eni's European Government Affairs.

04 February 2020
min read
Grande fiera sul mondo digital, Cina

The 21st century Cold War

How the superpowers compare. It’s impossible to predict the final outcome of the competition between the two major world economies.

by Minxin Pei
03 February 2020
16 min read
La diplomazia della decarbonizzazione

The Diplomacy of Decarbonization

The transformation of the energy paradigm on a global scale reveals the inadequacy of international institutions.

by Giulio Sapelli
07 February 2020
14 min read