Technologies for evolving renewables

Renewable sources are a key component of long-term carbon neutrality.

At the Research Centre for Renewable Energy and the Environment in Novara we develop new technologies to improve them.


The Briefing: smart living

Decarbonization is for the planet health, the ultimate goal. We are going to reveal some solutions, with the purpose of reducing the impact that metropolises and construction have on the environment.

02 April 2021
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Donna alla finestra

Sunlight, an inexhaustible gift

The three technological innovations developed by Eni to use the energy released by the main sequence star.

by Eni Staff
01 February 2021
6 min read

Research centre for renewable energy and the environment in Novara

Where we are developing latest-generation technologies for latest-generation renewables and environmental protection.

Uomo che osserva il supercomputer HPC5

SUPERFAST#3 - Goal: clean energy

HPC5: powerful research accelerator for zero-carbon energy.

16 March 2020
min read
Chi siamo

PEOPLE#2 – Meet Angelo

This 27-year-old technician and researcher has just won the Boston MIT Technology Review prize for young innovators under 35. Meet Angelo Poletto.

14 July 2020
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ISWEC: energy from the sea

We are producing electricity from wave power for offshore plants and coastal communities.

Concentratore solare luminescente che cattura energia solare

LSC: transparent sheets for capturing solar energy

Luminescent solar concentrators transform diffused light into electricity.

Pannello solare

CSP: simple solutions for generating heat

We have made concentrated solar power plants more efficient, economical and versatile.

Albert presenta tecnologia LSC

ALBERT#1 - Smart windows

Luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs): smart windows to you. Eni's research centre in Novara has reinvented photovoltaic solar power, giving birth to a new technology that creates energy.

07 July 2020
min read
Albert 4

ALBERT#3 - Marenergy, the cradle of energy

In Ravenna’s offshore is the world's first hybrid system for collecting solar and wave energy and even storing it.

21 July 2020
min read
Concentratore parabolico solare

Solar power in the "oven"

From France to Italy, all about new concentration plants.

by Maria Pia Rossignaud
28 August 2020
8 min read
Onda oceanica

The power of the Italian sea

Italy's role in the development of new technologies to produce energy efficiently from water.

by Maria Pia Rossignaud
15 July 2020
9 min read
Pannelli solari

A new battery for the Concentrated Solar technology

The CSP technology, one of the many solutions developed by Eni for its decarbonization strategy, can now count on an innovative thermal energy storage system.

by Mike Scott
15 June 2020
6 min read
Fotovoltaico organico

Molecular modelling for the photovoltaic of the future

Molecular modeling and supercomputers, the constant work of Eni researchers to improve the technology of Organic PhotoVoltaics (OPV) and Luminescent Solar Concentrators (LSC).

by Luca Longo
24 February 2020
5 min read
Onda oceanica

The power of the oceans

The energy coming from the sea is still a huge potential. Eni's challenge is to exploit this capacity and hence, expand the field of renewables.

by Paola Arpino
30 March 2020
9 min read