Supercomputers against the pandemic

Researchers are using digital technology more and more in their hunt for new cures for Covid-19.

Eni is joining this struggle and offering the services of HPC5, the most powerful industrial supercomputer in the world.

Modellistica molecolare

A Healthcare Challenge for Molecular Modeling

The Exscalate4CoV project is supported by Eni’s HPC5.

by Chris Dalby
15 September 2020
6 min read
HPC5 il Supercomputer di Eni

The power of HPC5, to help fight the pandemic

The Exscalate4CoV project and the role of Eni’s supercomputer in the battle against Covid-19.

by Maria Pia Rossignaud
03 June 2020
8 min read

HPC5 for EXSCALATE4CoV: supercomputer versus Coronavirus

Effective drugs to stop the SARS-CoV-2 virus: HPC5 plays a key role in the EXSCALATE4CoV European project to treat Covid-19.


Supercomputer VS virus

Eni HPC5 fights against COVID-19.

30 April 2020
min read
Fibre ottiche HPC5

HPC5: the supercomputer working for energy

The supercomputer we use to research new sources of energy is one of the most powerful and sustainable computing systems in the world.


Covid-19, what it is and how it behaves

Let's take a closer look at the new strain of the Coronavirus family.

by Luca Longo
29 April 2020
8 min read
Realtà aumentata

The pandemic has to deal with math

How the application of multidisciplinary sciences, from computational models to AI, can help to counter the epidemic impact.

by Nicholas Newman
11 May 2020
13 min read
press release
Research and development

Eni's HPC5 supercomputer contributes to Coronavirus research

09 April 2020
Abbigliamento medico durante la pandemia da covid 19

Eni stands with Italy

We are using all our skills, experience and technological expertise to help the country in which we were founded and continue to operate.

20 May 2021
1 min read