The sun, energy that powers ideas

Solar energy is an invaluable renewable source and the key to the energy industry's decarbonization path.

Multiform and inexhaustible, its applications range from film-printable photovoltaics to solar powered furnaces.


The Briefing: smart living

Decarbonization is for the planet health, the ultimate goal. We are going to reveal some solutions, with the purpose of reducing the impact that metropolises and construction have on the environment.

02 April 2021
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Research centre for renewable energy and the environment in Novara

Where we are developing latest-generation technologies for latest-generation renewables and environmental protection.

ALBERT#1 - Le finestre intelligenti | Eni Tv

ALBERT#1 - Smart windows

Luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs): smart windows to you. Eni's research centre in Novara has reinvented photovoltaic solar power, giving birth to a new technology that creates energy.

07 July 2020
min read
Viso di un uomo illuminato dalla luce del display

SUPERFAST#3 - Goal: clean energy

HPC5: powerful research accelerator for zero-carbon energy.

16 March 2020
min read
L'inesauribile dono del sole

Sunlight, an inexhaustible gift

The three technological innovations developed by Eni to use the energy released by the main sequence star.

by Eni Staff
01 February 2021
6 min read
Paesaggio greco

Futuristic Solar Radiation Management

We do not yet know whether these technologies will ever be used in the future. The high degree of uncertainty over their effectiveness and especially over the negative collateral impacts fuel the mistrust of a large part of the scientific community.

by Giuseppe Sammarco
27 May 2021
6 min read
Foglia artificiale

The artificial leaf

A device that replicates photosynthesis to convert CO₂, sunlight and water into energy and oxygen.

by Maria Pia Rossignaud
30 November 2020
5 min read
La sorellanza del sole

The Sun Sisterhood

A female entrepreneurship project created to guarantee access to clean energy in some areas of Africa where electricity is still generated by old systems that use polluting sources.

by Davide Perillo
16 September 2020
11 min read
Le batterie

Batteries, a continuous research

Solutions and future projects of a device, essential for the growth and spread of renewable energy.

by Luca Longo
07 June 2021
6 min read
Concentratore parabolico solare

Solar power in the "oven"

From France to Italy, all about new concentration plants.

by Maria Pia Rossignaud
28 August 2020
8 min read
Pannelli solari

A new battery for the Concentrated Solar technology

The CSP technology, one of the many solutions developed by Eni for its decarbonization strategy, can now count on an innovative thermal energy storage system.

by Mike Scott
15 June 2020
6 min read
Concentratori solari

A solar oven to make cement more sustainable

A new project based on CSP technology could contribute to the reduction of emissions generated by the production of cement and other materials.

by Chris Dalby
12 March 2020
10 min read
Energia solare liquida

Liquid solar energy

The discovery of solar thermal fuel could solve the renewable energy storage problem.

by Amanda Saint
11 March 2020
4 min read
LSC, la lastra trasparente che cattura l'energia del sole

LSC: transparent sheets for capturing solar energy

Luminescent solar concentrators transform diffused light into electricity.


CSP: simple solutions for generating heat

We have made concentrated solar power plants more efficient, economical and versatile.

Centrale nucleare

Collaboration between Eni and MIT in Boston

The strategic collaboration between Eni and MIT began in 2008 and spawned unique technologies in the field of sustainability.

OPV fotovoltaico stampabile su pellicola

OPV: photovoltaic cells that can be printed on film

Organic photovoltaic cells generate electricity from the sun using ultra-thin films of lightweight, strong and flexible photoactive polymers.


Lights on organic photovoltaics

OPV solar panels and the development of solar energy in Europe.

by Maria Pia Rossignaud
23 July 2020
8 min read