Exploring the Republic of Congo

The country's economy depends largely on petroleum. Its main export is hydrocarbons

The domestic demand for energy is growing, but there is also growing concern about reducing emissions

Il progetto CATREP in Congo
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A new kind of farming in the Congo

The CATREP project looks to encourage modern, productive farming through a special training programme.

Clean Beach: spiagge pulite in Congo
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Clean beaches in the Congo

Eni Congo cleaned beaches along the coast south of Pointe-Noire, working with 400 people to pick up 1,200 kg of rubbish.

 Riunione Personale Eni Congo

DOCUFILM#6 - New lights in the Congo

How much security can turning on a light bulb provide? The story of energy in the Congo continues.

21 April 2020
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Access to drinking water in Congo
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Access to water in Congo

One of the pillars of our commitment to the Congolese local communities: to make access to drinking water possible.


DOCUFILM#2 - The light of Congo

A great part of the city was immersed in darkness... there wasn't drinking water in the village... But life changed. Watch "The Light of Congo"!

04 February 2020
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Le Cercle Africain

The first museum in the city of Pointe-Noire, in the Congo, was opened in 2018 thanks to Eni.

23 April 2020
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Progetto Hinda in Congo

Hinda Integrated Project: the development of rural centres in Congo

Healthcare, education, access to water and agriculture are the priority sectors of the project launched for the Hinda district community.


Nené Marine: offshore hydrocarbons in the Republic of Congo

We began production of the field in 2015. The gas from the field powers the CEC plant, which supplies electricity to the country.

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Eni Congo opens the Musée du Cercle Africain

Housed in an elegant little palace on the edge of the Grand Marché, a meeting place for Pointe-Noire's middle classes, the museum was set up by Eni Congo to celebrate African art and culture, particularly that of recent generations.

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Kento Mwana: focus on the health of mothers and children in Congo

This prevention project, active in Congo from 2009 until 2012, was created to offer support to HIV-positive mothers and their children.


Salissa Mwana: preventative healthcare to school-age children in Congo

With the project active from 2007 to 2012 in Congo, we created vaccination and preventive medicine programmes for minors.