Protecting forests in Africa

The preservation of the continent's forestry assets is an integral part of our low-carbon strategy.

We have started forestry projects in many countries including Zambia, Ghana, Angola and we are members of REDD+'s governance.

Foresta di pini sul lago

Eni's commitment to protecting and conserving forests

Forests cover 31% of the dry land on the planet and are a fundamental absorber of carbon from the atmosphere.

12 May 2021
6 min read
Eni e il progetto REDD+ in Zambia

Eni and Zambian REDD+ project: two new classrooms in the Luembe Chi...

A new milestone for education in the Chikwasha and Mbilisao communities.

03 March 2020
6 min read
La salvaguardia delle foreste in Senegal

Safeguarding forests and diversifying the energy mix

Senegal, Mouhamadou Makhtar Cissé speaks: "Countering the use of coal and wood as energy sources is central to our efforts".

by Simona Manna
10 February 2020
4 min read

Biodiversity and local communities

The Luangwa Community Forests Project aims to protect the region's threatened biodiversity and the precious natural habitats.

by Hassan Sachedina & Kerry Hancock
20 December 2019
10 min read
A view from Cartagena's Mangrove Swamp, Colombia

Forests devouring CO₂

Planting trees can play a huge role in limiting the impact of climate change, thanks to their capacity to absorb CO₂.

by Eni Staff
03 February 2020
6 min read