Producers of life: rural women and food

Women play an under-recognised role in rural and agricultural development around the world and helping to eradicate hunger

I progetti Eni per la diversificazione economica

Green River Project: initiatives for agro-development in Nigeria

The project, launched in 1987, aims to promote local agro-zootechnical entrepreneurship through several initiatives.

Progetto Hinda in Congo

Hinda Integrated Project: the development of rural centres in Congo

Healthcare, education, access to water and agriculture are the priority sectors of the project launched for the Hinda district community.

Il Farmers's day

When farmers met fortune at the 23rd GRP Farmers’ Day Celebration

The yearly meeting of the Green River Project, the agricultural enhancement initiative in the Niger Delta, gathers the agricultural successes from NAOC operational States.

by Redazione Eni
12 December 2019
2 min read