Partnerships that help us grow

We develop our knowledge by working with leading Italian and international scientists.

These are our partnerships with universities and research centres around the world.

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Eni's main collaborations with universities and research centres

Alliances for the future of energy and the planet under the banner of innovation and the energy transition.

28 February 2022
2 min read

Eni and Commonwealth Fusion Systems Abstract

We have been collaborating with CFS, an MIT spin-out, since 2018 in research to achieve magnetic confinement fusion, a safe, limitless and carbon-free energy source.

Occhiali per la realtà aumentata

SUPERFAST#2 - Together in research

The computing power of HPC5 shared with research institutes in Italy and around the world.

16 March 2020
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HPC5 for EXSCALATE4CoV: supercomputer versus Coronavirus

Effective drugs to stop the SARS-CoV-2 virus: HPC5 plays a key role in the EXSCALATE4CoV European project to treat Covid-19.

Fusione di nuclei di idrogeno

Magnetic confinement fusion: energy that imitates the stars

A safe, sustainable and inexhaustible source of energy, marking a turning point in the decarbonization process we are supporting.

Centrale nucleare

Collaboration between Eni and MIT in Boston

The strategic collaboration between Eni and MIT began in 2008 and spawned unique technologies in the field of sustainability.

Ricerca per la transizione energetica - Research for the energy transition

Research for the energy transition

We continue to invest in scientific and technological research for increasingly low-carbon energy.

by Eni Staff
25 June 2021
3 min read
Partners internazionali di Eni

Eni’s international partnerships in the fight against Climate Change

We work with the academic community, civil society, institutions and businesses to research specific solutions for carbon neutrality by 2050.

by Eni Staff
01 September 2021
8 min read
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SUPERFAST#3 - Goal: clean energy

HPC5: powerful research accelerator for zero-carbon energy.

16 March 2020
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