Exploring Eurasia

Europe can play a leading role in terms of energy, especially as an economic and social community

The new eurasian geo-economic center represents a development pole that can become an alternative to the Euro-Atlantic center


The Policy on Gas Pipelines in Europe

Are we so sure that the European Union is really pursuing the aim of creating an integrated system of European gas pipelines?

by Demostenes Floros
13 June 2019
8 min read
La scommessa dell'Unione

Europe's Gamble

Europe's ambition to become the most important global change agent in technological innovation will depend on use of budget devoted to it.

by Roberto Di Giovan Paolo
11 November 2019
10 min read

Energy and climate in the von der Leyen era

From Jean-Claude Juncker to Ursula von der Leyen , the heritage of the "Energy Union".

by Margherita Bianchi
07 February 2020
7 min read

Greater Eurasia and the (new) energy routes

The new geo-economic center in Eurasia wants and can become an alternative to the Euro-Atlantic center. Gas is above all.

by Demostenes Floros |
13 March 2019
11 min read