Exploring Kenya

It is among the most innovative East African countries in terms of energy.

It is considered a real economic hub. Its economy is one of the most dynamic in the region.


Kenya's green dream

Innovation and dynamism are the two driving features of the country's focus on a sustainable future, thanks to investments in renewables.

by Eni Staff
21 June 2021
2 min read
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An energy change in Kenya

Eni is trying to develop biofuels that could transform the Kenyan energy industry and serve as a model for other African countries in the future.

by Rachel Elbaum Stafler
24 August 2021
14 min read
Le attività di Eni in Kenya

Eni in Dadaab, Kenya: six years of energy, education and charity work

As a result of Eni installing lighting and the first solar panels in schools, 10,000 children have learnt to read and write.

by Eni Staff
11 November 2020
4 min read
Agribusiness Kenya

Promoting micro-entrepreneurship for local development

The business acceleration programme launched in Kenya in 2018 encourages start-ups that, once launched, become catalysts for innovation and economic growth.

19 February 2021
9 min read