Digital scenarios

Data, technologies, skills: digital innovation is transforming the world we live in by offering new solutions.

From supercomputers to microsensors, the energy sector is also taking part in this change.

bitcoin criptovalute sostenibilità

The (un)sustainable bitcoin

The significant environmental impact of the cryptocurrency world is causing concern among new generations of investors.

by Andrea Daniele Signorelli
02 August 2021
9 min read

SUPERFAST#4 - A look at tomorrow

Supercomputing in Eni is in continuous evolution.

16 March 2020
min read
Dati decarbonizzazione

Decarbonizing through AI

Technology can play an important role in tackling climate change.

by Maria Pia Rossignaud
21 April 2021
5 min read
smartphone scambio dati

The digital environmental footprint

The data exchange taking place globally every day has a not inconsiderable impact on climate-changing emissions, but there are some effective solutions.

by Andrea Daniele Signorelli
26 March 2021
8 min read
trasformazione digitale modello 3D edilizia infrastrutture gemello digitale

Infrastructure Digital Twins

Industry 4.0 technologies work in synergy to achieve the goals of decarbonization, decentralization and digitization of energy.

by Maria Pia Rossignaud
03 March 2021
4 min read
Fibre ottiche HPC5

HPC5: the supercomputer working for energy

The supercomputer we use to research new sources of energy is one of the most powerful and sustainable computing systems in the world.


HPC5 for EXSCALATE4CoV: supercomputer versus Coronavirus

Effective drugs to stop the SARS-CoV-2 virus: HPC5 plays a key role in the EXSCALATE4CoV European project to treat Covid-19.


Data ethics

Institutions are seeking legislative solutions to safeguard our privacy from the risks associated with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

by Maria Pia Rossignaud
10 February 2021
6 min read
Il futuro della tecnologia

A look at the future of technology

New technologies could help resolve some of today’s most pressing crises, such as water scarcity, and build a better and more sustainable world.

by David Brin
04 December 2020
8 min read

The other digital me

A new technological edge that, thanks to an increasing amount of information, gives life to a virtual alter ego for each of us.

by Maria Pia Rossignaud
05 November 2020
6 min read
Il (video)gioco della vita

The (video)game of life

Gamification: how game elements can help learn, train and improve cognition.

by Nicholas Newman
07 September 2020
8 min read
Computer quantistico

The quantum challenge

The compelling global competition for quantum and technological supremacy.

by Stefano Bevacqua
10 June 2020
4 min read
La digitalizzazione in Eni

Digitalization at Eni

People, technologies and skills for value creation.

21 February 2022
13 min read
Intelligenza artificiale a servizio di scuola e società

Artificial intelligence at the service of schools and society

Artificial Intelligence applied to education, socially responsible employment and understanding personality and behaviour.

by Michelle Leslie
05 February 2019
8 min read
Megatrend: millenial e comunicazione

Megatrends, millennials and communication

Digital revolution is transforming society, from the concept of work itself to relationships. Future scenarios, risks and opportunities.

by Luigia Ierace
07 February 2020
9 min read