Aerial View of a Rainforest in Brazil

Cut the carbon, but keep the energy

We aim to completely reduce the carbon footprint of all our processes and products by 2050.

Considering emissions over the entire life cycle and using technologies that largely already exist.

CCUS, uno strumento chiave per un futuro low carbon

CCUS: a Key Tool for a Low Carbon Future

For the International Energy Agency too, the capture, use and storage of carbon dioxide will be fundamental to achieving zero emissions within this century.

by Giuseppe Sammarco
18 February 2021
5 min read
Le emissioni ed i cambiamenti climatici

Capture, storage and reuse of CO₂

Our projects to capture carbon dioxide then store it forever or reuse it in innovative ways.


The Briefing: CCUS

The effects of climate change are right in front of us. For industrialised countries, reduce at most climate-changing gas emissions such as CO2 is a priority.

22 January 2021
min read

ALBERT#2 - CO₂ as a resource

Atmospheric emissions of CO₂ are still rising, bringing us closer and closer to a critical level. What if CO₂ could become a resource?

14 July 2020
min read
Scienziato testa Biodiesel al microscopio

Methanol from natural gas and CO₂: a circular energy vector

We are developing more efficient systems to convert natural gas and carbon dioxide into methanol.

L'economia a metanolo di Eni

Eni’s methanol economy

Eni signs agreements for the application of innovative technologies to synthesize methanol from renewable sources and reduce emissions.

by Livia Formisani
09 March 2020
5 min read

The first element

Hydrogen: from its discovery to the many experiments to use it as an ideal source of energy and resource for powering electric cars.

by Michela Bellettato
06 February 2020
4 min read
Macchina elettrica

Hydrogen fosters sustainability

The world of energy is constantly looking for solutions to reduce emissions of climate-changing gases, the solution could be behind one of the most abundant elements in nature.

by Nicholas Newman
06 July 2020
6 min read