Changing the direction of energy

Going beyond the linear economy with a new approach based on action, low emissions and reuse of materials.

Circularity, changes of course and new technologies. What does it take to change the direction of energy?

pianeta verde decarbonizzazione

A new economy for the old continent

European Green New Deal's big changes merge economy and environment together.

by Sabato Angieri
26 March 2021
5 min read
L'Europa di domani è circolare

Tomorrow’s Europe is circular

New funding in the old continent to promote the development of a sustainable economy in the most strategic sectors.

by Amanda Saint
10 September 2020
6 min read

Circle of plastics

A completely circular plastic, thanks to Versalis' Hoop project which applies innovative chemical recycling techniques to waste.

by Sreeparna Das
15 January 2021
11 min read
Campo di grano

Let's cultivate circular energy

Eni's activities for the decarbonisation of fuel production and sustainable development.

by Davide Perillo
25 November 2020
7 min read
Transizione circolare

Circular transition: if not now, when?

In terms of employment, Italy ranks second in the EU for number of employees in the recovery, recycling and reuse sectors. It's important to take this opportunity for economic development.

by Daniele Fattibene - IAI
18 March 2021
8 min read
Ricercatrice in laboratorio

Waste to Fuel: biofuels from food waste

Our technology extracts bio-oil from the organic component of household waste.

Non chiamateli rifiuti

ENERGY SHOT#4 - Don’t call it “waste”

We learn from nature that “waste” can be a resource. This is how Eni's research made it possible to transform an organic fraction of solid urban waste into bio-oil. The so called “waste to fuel”...

04 February 2020
min read
Waste al Fuel

FUTURA#2 – From Waste to Fuel

What if our daily organic rubbish was turned into energy? Thanks to the new Waste-to-Fuel technology, it can become a resource.

14 July 2020
min read
Carta riciclata

The country of recycled paper

Italy is leader in the circular economy for paper, with the South at the top.

by Maria Pia Rossignaud
04 August 2020
5 min read
Ecofining™: dai rifiuti organici ai biocarburanti

Ecofining™: turning organic waste into biofuel

Our proprietary technology for transforming organic raw materials into high-quality biofuel.


The Venice biorefinery

In 2014, we opened the first biorefinery converted from a traditional refinery thanks to a proprietary patent.


Gela home to the most innovative biorefinery in Europe

The plant processes used vegetable and cooking oils, animal fats, algae and waste to produce high quality biofuels.

Scienziato testa Biodiesel al microscopio

Methanol from natural gas and CO₂: a circular energy vector

We are developing more efficient systems to convert natural gas and carbon dioxide into methanol.


Biorefineries, the new course of energy

This story began fifty years ago with a vision. A journey through time to present day to tell you about an industrial reconversion that has affected two Italian cities.

by Eni Staff
25 November 2020
min read