The challenge for artificial intelligence

The main battleground between China and America is technological, in the artificial intelligence sector.

This is a sector in which China is looking to become a leader in 2030.



With the increasing use of AI in all sectors, it becomes more and more necessary to apply measures that prevent the boundaries of ethics from being crossed.

by Maria Pia Rossignaud
11 January 2021
6 min read

The other digital me

A new technological edge that, thanks to an increasing amount of information, gives life to a virtual alter ego for each of us.

by Maria Pia Rossignaud
05 November 2020
6 min read
A female student controls the work of an intelligent humanoid robot

My friend robot

The world of automation is making giant steps with increasingly intelligent devices that are radically transforming our way of life.

by Andrea Daniele Signorelli
01 December 2020
6 min read

DIGITO#2 - AI: don’t panic

Artificial intelligence – is it an alien invader, come to take over, or a stimulus for extending our skills and abilities?

14 July 2020
min read

Thirst for AI

New technologies and artificial intelligence to reduce water wastage.

by Andrea Daniele Signorelli
03 November 2020
8 min read
Un computer di neuroni

A computer made of neurons

Wetware: when technological progress is inspired by human biology.

by Amanda Saint
07 September 2020
5 min read
Intelligenza artificiale

Le Intelligenze Artificiali svilupperanno una coscienza?

Le potenzialità, i limiti e le frontiere inesplorate del deep learning nelle sue infinite applicazioni.

by Eni Staff
16 November 2019
14 min read
Intelligenza artificiale a servizio di scuola e società

L’intelligenza artificiale al servizio di scuola e società

Intelligenza Artificiale applicata in ambito educativo, in impieghi socialmente responsabili e per “leggere” personalità e comportamenti.

by Michelle Leslie
05 February 2019
10 min read
Verso la Società 5.0

Developing a Society 5.0

Rules and ethics in the development of machines. The view of Nicola Intini, manager of the Bosch site in Ravensburg and member of the Federmeccanica I4.0 national task force.

by Luigia Ierace
07 January 2020
10 min read
Grande fiera sul mondo digital, Cina

The 21st century Cold War

How the superpowers compare. It’s impossible to predict the final outcome of the competition between the two major world economies.

by Minxin Pei
03 February 2020
16 min read
Working Data Center

China, supercomputers’ new homeland

Who is winning the battle of the supercomputers, the huge machines used by the most important institutions in the world?

by Eni Staff
06 February 2020
6 min read