Strengthening our traditional business while building new ones, such as renewables, and supporting the circular economy are vital to a clear, low-carbon strategy that will benefit the whole country.

Il piano di trasformazione digitale

The country in which we started is where we invest the most

Our challenges

In line with the European Union's goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050, Italy is pursuing an energy strategy aimed at decarbonisation, investing in energy efficiency, renewable sources and the reconversion of the production system.

In a context in which the European Union continues to play a global leadership role in combating climate change, Italy is undergoing an important energy transition process, which will also be facilitated by the resources made available by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, the NRRP. Our commitment to the ambitious national decarbonisation targets is increasingly aligning with a development model in sync with the UN's 2030 Agenda. Italy's decarbonisation strategy is based on a massive commitment to energy efficiency, investment in renewables and the ecological reconversion of the production system while never losing sight of energy security.

The strategy

In addition to our traditional business, we are developing several renewable energy projects throughout the country, strengthening our collaboration with universities and research centres. We are constantly striving to contribute to the country's energy security and to continuously improving industrial efficiency through a circular economy model.

In Italy we are involved in all facets of the energy chain: from upstream to refining and chemicals, from R&D to the sale of our products. Alongside our traditional businesses, our strategy is increasingly focused on the development of renewable energy sources and circular economy processes. Each day we work to develop the best technological solutions, in accordance with the objectives of the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan and in constant compliance with national policy standards. We are pursuing an ambitious transformation strategy based on efficiency, digitisation, integration and the use of new technologies, not to mention the development of energy from renewable sources, in order to offer increasingly green, low-carbon and organic products reflecting the principles of the circular economy.  We continue to invest in Italy, developing technologies to change the way we produce and consume energy, generating value for society and the environment through 70 partnerships with Italian and international universities and research centres and 7 research centres in Italy, supported by the Green Data Center in Ferrara where HPC5, one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world, is located. Eni's transformation process began in 2014 in Venice, with the world's first conversion of a traditional refinery into a biorefinery, which was joined in 2019 by the Gela biorefinery, where in March 2021 we inaugurated the new plant that will allow up to 100% biomass to be used that does not compete with the food chain. The conversion of refining capacity will enable us to use increasingly sustainable feedstocks and to be palm oil free by 2023. Thanks to an Eni Rewind project, in the future it will be possible to produce bio-oil on an industrial scale, obtained from the conversion of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste, which can be used in maritime transport or in biorefining to obtain high-performance biofuels. In September 2021 we signed a strategic agreement with Aeroporti di Roma for the introduction of biofuels for aviation and ground handling that will reduce the airport's emissions. In the area of renewables, we continue to expand our portfolio in the country, including through GreenIT, a joint venture created with CDP for the production of renewable energy. Also in this area, since 2016 we have launched a major project to disseminate solar panels while minimising land consumption, thanks to the use of reclaimed industrial land. In 2019 we launched a project to develop industrial-scale wave energy production plants together with our partners CDP, Terna and Fincantieri. In 2020 the partnership was further strengthened with the inauguration of an all-Italian marine energy research laboratory. In 2020 we also took up new challenges and opportunities, exploring the potential of developing projects to capture and sequester the CO₂ in depleted reservoirs, including by promoting the production of hydrogen, a key energy vector for the decarbonisation of the hard-to-abate sectors, thanks to partnerships stipulated with major companies operating in the country, including Enel, SNAM, Edison, Air Liquide and CDP. All of this is the result of the research we carry out in our laboratories, also in partnership with the country's most important universities and research centres, which demonstrates Italy’s strategic value in our development plans. In February 2022 we signed a three-year agreement with ENEA for the study and development of projects in the field of ecological and energy transition, which includes several focuses, from the production of energy from renewable sources with low-CO2 emissions to innovative processes for the exploitation of waste for the production of biogas and biomethane.

The main results in Italy

In Italy too we create energy, aiming for efficiency and sustainability in all areas of the business. We work in E&P, Global Gas & Lng Portfolio, Refining & Marketing and Chimica and Plenitude & Power sectors. The following infographics summarise the main 2021 results.


Global Gas & LNG Portfolio in Italy 2021

retail customers in Italy
supply of natural gas in Italy
36.88 bcm gas sales by market in Italy
launched in the country
daily natural gas production
launched in the country
annual natural gas production

Exploration & Production 2021

identified in the country
369mm boe
estimated net proved hydrocarbons reserves
launched in the country
daily hydrocarbons production
dedicated to hydrocarbon production
productive gross oil
30 mm boe annual hydrocarbons production in the country
dedicated to hydrocarbon production
productive gross gas
main developed and undeveloped areas in the country
total net acreage
main developed and undeveloped areas in the country
14, 897 km²
total gross acreage

Refiring & Marketing in 2021

increased by 12% from 2020 as a result of the progressive economy reopening and greater mobility of
Retail sales
wholesale sales
decreased by 380 kliters from 2019
average gasoline and gasoil throughput
21.80 mmtonnes retail & wholesale sales refined products in Italy
decreased by 28.4% from 2019 following the depressed refining scenario
refinery throughputs on own account
distribution network in Italy in 2021
4,078in Italy
Eni's retail network consisted of service stations

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Decarbonization and the circular economy

To ensure long-term sustainability of a low-carbon future, we are on a path towards decarbonization. It is one of the pillars on which our business model is based and supports an energy model in which everyone has access to innovative and clean mixes of energy. The urgent need to protect the environment is a great challenge but also an opportunity to save the planet while building a new, more inclusive economy. This requires our commitment and focus. We need to change mindsets and business models, which can be achieved by reducing waste.


Renewably-sourced energy in Italy

We dedicate our work to researching and producing biofuels from biomasses and wave power, whilst with Plenitude, we develop projects to generate and sell wind and photovoltaic energy.


Technologies for evolving renewables

Renewable sources are a key component of long-term carbon neutrality.

At the Research Centre for Renewable Energy and the Environment in Novara we develop new technologies to improve them.


Research centre for renewable energy and the environment in Novara

Where we are developing latest-generation technologies for latest-generation renewables and environmental protection.

Le batterie

Batteries, a continuous research

Solutions and future projects of a device, essential for the growth and spread of renewable energy.

by Luca Longo
07 June 2021
6 min read

The Briefing: smart living

Decarbonization is for the planet health, the ultimate goal. We are going to reveal some solutions, with the purpose of reducing the impact that metropolises and construction have on the environment.

02 April 2021
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L’impianto pilota della tecnologia ISWEC

ISWEC: energy from the sea

We are producing electricity from wave power for offshore plants and coastal communities.

Centrale nucleare

Collaboration between Eni and MIT in Boston

The strategic collaboration between Eni and MIT began in 2008 and spawned unique technologies in the field of sustainability.

Ente nazionale di ricerca CNR

CNR for sustainable development and research in Southern Italy

Together with the CNR, we have set up four joint research centres in Lecce, Gela, Metaponto and Portici for technological innovation applied to the energy transition.

PEOPLE#2 - Piacere, Angelo | Eni Tv

PEOPLE#2 – Meet Angelo

This 27-year-old technician and researcher has just won the Boston MIT Technology Review prize for young innovators under 35. Meet Angelo Poletto.

14 July 2020
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L'inesauribile dono del sole

Sunlight, an inexhaustible gift

The three technological innovations developed by Eni to use the energy released by the main sequence star.

by Eni Staff
01 February 2021
6 min read
ALBERT#1 - Le finestre intelligenti | Eni Tv

ALBERT#1 - Smart windows

Luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs): smart windows to you. Eni's research centre in Novara has reinvented photovoltaic solar power, giving birth to a new technology that creates energy.

07 July 2020
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Viso di un uomo illuminato dalla luce del display

SUPERFAST#3 - Goal: clean energy

HPC5: powerful research accelerator for zero-carbon energy.

16 March 2020
min read
LSC, la lastra trasparente che cattura l'energia del sole

LSC: transparent sheets for capturing solar energy

Luminescent solar concentrators transform diffused light into electricity.


CSP: simple solutions for generating heat

We have made concentrated solar power plants more efficient, economical and versatile.


ALBERT#3 - Marenergy, the cradle of energy

In Ravenna’s offshore is the world's first hybrid system for collecting solar and wave energy and even storing it.

21 July 2020
min read
Onda oceanica

The power of the Italian sea

Italy's role in the development of new technologies to produce energy efficiently from water.

by Maria Pia Rossignaud
15 July 2020
9 min read
Pannelli solari

A new battery for the Concentrated Solar technology

The CSP technology, one of the many solutions developed by Eni for its decarbonization strategy, can now count on an innovative thermal energy storage system.

by Mike Scott
15 June 2020
6 min read
OPV Pannello fotovoltaico organico

Molecular modeling for the photovoltaic of the future

Molecular modeling and supercomputers, the constant work of Eni researchers to improve the technology of Organic PhotoVoltaics (OPV) and Luminescent Solar Concentrators (LSC).

by Luca Longo
24 February 2020
5 min read

The power of the oceans

The energy coming from the sea is still a huge potential. Eni's challenge is to exploit this capacity and hence, expand the field of renewables.

by Paola Arpino
30 March 2020
9 min read

Digitalisation, people and transformation

Digital transformation is a process that affects our entire company across the board. It improves safety, ensures asset integrity, promotes people's skills, increases energy and operational efficiency and drives business opportunities. Italy is at the heart of this road, from project conception to building the first digital lighthouse. We are technologically committed in many areas: artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality, advanced robotics, internet of things and sensors.

It is our people who bring about this transformation. By interacting with technology, we can act faster, more efficiently and more flexibly, ensuring that the company is increasingly sustainable in relation to the environment and its stakeholders and more competitive on the reference market, with the aim of contributing to the energy transition. 

Find out more about digitization at Eni



Eni IT and the Green Data Center

The Green Data Center opened in Italy in 2013 and hosts all Eni’s application systems, processing infrastructure and central telecommunications systems. It is a highly technological plant built to international standards of excellence. 

It provides IT services to management, industrial and commercial departments and all our sites, integrating with 20 local data rooms distributed throughout Italy, and providing services in more than 73 countries. 

The Green Data Center

Plenitude, the retail and business market energy sales company

Plenitude is the company dedicated to the sale of gas, electricity and energy solutions to households, apartment blocks and businesses. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eni SpA, set up to boost sales in the retail and business markets, with innovative solutions to move towards a more sustainable energy consumption model. Plenitude operates in 6 countries in Europe, with 1,600 employees10 million people in Europe have chosen our energy. We are the market leader in the sale of natural gas and electricity in Italy, with about 8 million customers. We have our own flagship stores in cities such as Milan, Bologna, Vicenza, Treviso, Padua and Parma and cover the whole of Italy with our commercial Eni Energy Store partners. 

Our projects in Italy

porto torres-chimica.jpg
Il risanamento di Porto Torres
Lancio Brochure Centro Ricerca Milazzo