Our work in Turkmenistan

We started operating in Turkmenistan in 2008 after acquiring Burren Energy Plc, conducting our Exploration & Production activities in the onshore Nebit Dag block.


Oil and gas in the Burun field

We operate under a Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) in the western part of Turkmenistan over an area of 200 square kilometres, 180 of which are held by Eni. In 2022, Eni’s production averaged 5 kboe/d. Exploration and production activities in Turkmenistan are regulated by PSAs. Production derives mainly from the Burun oil field. Oil production is shipped to the Turkmenbashi refinery plant. Eni receives, by means of a swap arrangement with the Turkmen Authorities, an equivalent amount of oil at the Okarem terminal, close to the South coast of the Caspian Sea. Eni’s entitlement is sold FOB. Associated natural gas is used for gas lift system. The remaining amount is delivered to the national oil company Turkmenneft, via national grid.