Our work in Turkey

Our activities in Turkey date back to the 1960s, with the start of local oil exploration initiatives. We now operate in the country’s Global Gas & LNG Portfolio and Refining & Marketing and Chemical sectors.


We sell natural gas from Russia to Turkey, via the Blue Stream underwater pipeline that connects the two countries via the Black Sea, in conjunction with Gazprom, which holds a 50% stake. The pipeline, which lies at a record depth of over 2,150m, consists of two lines spanning a total of 774km and has the capacity to transport 16 billion m3 per year. Blue Stream is a joint venture created for the purposes of selling gas from Russia on the Turkish market and generates a stable operating profit through the sale of the corresponding transportation rights on a long-term basis.  We sell gas supplied from Russia and transported via the Blue Stream pipeline. 

As for the joint and equal participation with Gazprom in the Blue Stream gas pipeline (which connects Russia to Turkey), Eni intends to proceed with the sale of its stake.

Turkish operations through Versalis International

We operate in the country’s chemicals sector through Versalis Kimya Ticaret Limited Sirketi - a subsidiary that is wholly owned by Versalis International.  In 2020, sales amounted to 4.59 bcm, a decrease of 0.97 bcm, or 17.4% from a year ago due to lower sales to Botas.



Exploring Eurasia

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