Our work in Russia

We have been operating in Russia since the 1960s, when we started importing the first crude oil into Italy. We are active in the Exploration & Production, Global Gas & LNG and Refining & Marketing and Chemical sector.


Exploring the depths of the sea

We are partnered with the Russian oil company Rosneft for the realisation of exploratory projects that we are developing in the Russian Barents Sea and the Black Sea.

Gas supplies through Blue Stream

We have a 50% stake in the Blue Stream submarine pipeline, connecting Russia to Turkey through the Black Sea, reaching a total of 774 kilometres on two lines with a transport capacity of 16 billion cubic metres per year. Blue Stream, a joint venture created to sell gas from Russia on the Turkish market, is an asset that generates a stable flow of operating income, thanks to the long-term sale of the associated transport rights.

An Eni service station in the capital

We are active in the Russian retail market (oil and non-oil) and in the wholesale market of lubricants through our subsidiary Eni Nefto. The company has a service station in the city of Moscow which is located on the road connecting Sheremetyevo Airport to the city centre. The property includes a shop, a cafe and a car wash. Opened in 1991, it was the first foreign-branded operator in the then Soviet Union. In addition to our retail activities, we also sell Eni-branded lubricants in the Russian wholesale market. 


Exploring Eurasia

Europe can play a leading role in terms of energy, especially as an economic and social community

The new eurasian geo-economic center represents a development pole that can become an alternative to the Euro-Atlantic center

La scommessa dell'Unione

Europe's Gamble