Our work in Poland

We operate in the country in the Refining & Marketing and Chemicals industry and in the renewable sector.


From oil provision to packaging production

Refining & Marketing operations include the procurement, provision, processing, distribution and marketing of fuels and chemicals. In the framework of our activities in the oil and natural gas sectors in particular we define Downstream as the sector relating to the refining and processing of oil, the transportation of petroleum products and the wholesale and retail sale of petroleum products. Midstream operations, meanwhile, include the transportation of oil from the extraction site to the refining site, as well as the storage of oil, using pipelines or oil tankers that transport the oil to the industrial site at which we refine it. We are also converting traditional refineries to produce fuels from biological raw materials and, from a chemical perspective, looking at developing innovative, more functional and sustainable products. Versalis, meanwhile, enables us to offer a broad portfolio of solutions from basic chemistry to polyethylene, styrenic polymers and elastomers and produce bioplastics, biolubricants, food fragrances and cosmetics from plant sources.

With Plenitude to extend our collaboration in Offshore Wind

The development of the offshore wind segment represents an essential component of our growth strategy, and large emerging markets such as Poland offer an ideal context for generating value through our technological and industrial skills. Through our subsidiary Plenitude and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) we signed an agreement to collaborate in connection with the anticipated allocation of offshore wind areas in the country. By implementing the offshore wind act Poland has created the conditions for a sizable offshore wind build-out of more than 10 GW by 2030. As part of the build-out process, Plenitude and CIP intend to apply for seabed permits with a view to participate in contract-for-difference auctions which are expected to take place in 2025 and 2027. CIP and Plenitude will support efforts to develop a Polish offshore wind industry focusing on the establishment of a local manufacturing set-up and the re-skilling of the existing work force to boost local employment in this new industry sector.