Our work in Austria

We have been operating in the country’s Global Gas & LNG Portfolio, Refining & Marketing and Chemicals and Plenitude & Power sectors since 1959, but our presence in Austria actually dates back to the late 1920s with Agip.


Local gas sales

Eni operates in the Austrian natural gas market. In 2022, total sales in Germany and Austria amounted to 3.58 bcm, or 97.1% from 2020, due to the portfolio optimizations and higher sales to hub. 

The lubricant market

We are the country’s second-largest branded operator, via Eni Austria, and we own the largest number of plants in the country. Extra-network sales amount to some 225,000 tonnes, including petrol, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and lubricants. Furthermore, we have established three lubricant subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania since 2015 via the Eni Austria Group, as well as two additional branches in Hungary and Slovenia since 2016.