Our work in Singapore

We have been trading in petroleum products in the Far East since 2010. We operate in Singapore in the Refining & Marketing and Chemicals sectors.


Eni Global Energy Markets (EGEM)

Starting from 1st January 2021 EGEM acts in the international trading of gaspower, CO₂ (as a single interface between Eni and the markets), LNG and Oil derivatives. It is a global, integrated approach designed to make the most of Eni’s network of contacts and wide asset portfolio. 

Eni Trade & Biofuels

In keeping with Eni’s overall strategy in respect of the global energy transition, starting from January 1, 2021, Eni Trade & Biofuels SpA (ETB), fully owned by Eni SpA, is the sole entity responsible for the international trading of crude oilpetroleum productsbio-fuels and related financial derivatives for the Eni group.