Our work in China

We have been in present in the country since 1984, and today we operate in the Exploration & Production, Global Gas & LNG Portfolio and Refining & Marketing & Chemicals sectors.


We are exploring the South China Sea

Our exploration and production activities, which are focused off the south coast of China, are governed by a Production Sharing Agreement (PSA). We provide the means for extracting petroleum for the internal market and gas; the product is then transported through an underwater pipeline and sold exclusively to the state company China National Offshore Oil Cooperation (CNOOC).


We share knowledge and technology with China

We have strengthened our relationship with the Chinese gas market through a memorandum of understanding signed with Petrochina, which sets out a host of opportunities for growth, both in the local market and internationally. Petrochina will assess whether they wish to acquire a share in some of our assets, as we share our expertise in shale gas with the company. In December 2020 we signed a Memorandum of Understanding (Mou) to establish a cooperation framework aimed at facilitating joint initiatives across the entire energy value chain in China and internationally. Such a partnership allows Eni and ICC-NDRC to share knowledge and best practices, assess the impact of energy policies and market regulations, identify areas of mutual interest, and develop relationships with Chinese institutions and companies at the national, provincial and municipal levels. In March 2021 we signed a new MoU on strategic cooperation in the energy sector. The MoU establishes a cooperation framework aimed at facilitating joint initiatives between Eni and Zhejiang Energy across the gas and LNG value chain in China and internationally. The MoU builds on the companies’ shared goal of promoting a reduction in emissions by favoring a switch from coal to gas in the production of electricity.


A new product line for the Chinese market

We also work in the country's lubricants sector, where we have launched a product line designed for the Chinese automotive and industrial markets. 


Exploring China

China is committed to reducing its environmental impact, for example increasing national gas production.

The Chinese government is also investing in highly technological sectors, from 5G to robotics.