Our work in Venezuela

We have been operating in the country since 1998 in the Exploration & Production and Refining & Marketing and Chemical sectors, but negotiations began in 1963 when we made our first agreements in both sectors. Through Ecofuel SpA, we hold a stake in Supermetanol CA which operates a methanol-producing plant.


An offshore and onshore activity

Exploration, production and development operations are now concentrated in the offshores of the Gulf of Venezuela, the Gulf of Paria and the Orinoco Petroleum Belt. Production is provided by the Perla gas field (Eni's interest 50%), located in the Gulf of Venezuela, the Junin 5 oil field (Eni's interest 40%), located in the Orinoco Belt and the Corocoro oil field (Eni's interest 26%), located in the Gulf of Paria. Finally, we have 19.5% interest in the Petrolera Güiria block for the exploration of oil resources and a 40% interest in the Gulf of Paria West block and Punta Pescador, in the eastern offshore of the country, for the exploration of natural gas resources.