Our activities towards the recognition of Diversity & Inclusion

Eni is continuing to promote initiatives to raise awareness of an approach that embraces inclusion and cultural diversity.

Eni is continuing to promote initiatives aimed at raising awareness and overcoming barriers to inclusion, to recognising everyone’s identity and to the risk of non-inclusion.

Widespread engagement

During 2022, Eni was strongly committed to raising widespread sensitivity and awareness of D&I issues through training initiatives.

D&I Matters, the training programme launched in 2019, was revised and updated. It is a space that offers flexible, interactive training in step with the changes we are facing as a company and as people. The programme includes a general introduction on the topic of intersectional inclusion and in-depth coverage of Eni's priority uniqueness targets (gender, age, disability, internationality, sexual orientation and gender identity) with specific information for both colleagues and managers.

The format is mainly realized with the gaming mode because it is deemed more effective for the purpose. The first modules were released last December: uniqueness, inclusive language, teamwork and one dedicated to parenting, with tools and insights on how to be "imperfectly" happy parents with their sons, daughters and at work. New content will be added to the existing modules and new modules will be introduced during 2023.

Corporate Identity courses targeting different segments of the corporate population have been enriched with sections dedicated to D&I strategy and initiatives. 

A first pilot module of Bias Free Interview was designed and launched. It is an online course that uses virtual reality to enable recruiters, HR and the technical line to acquire the necessary skills to manage possible unconscious biases related to diversity and inclusion issues in the selection process, and more generally in encounters with managers.


Listening to our people is a cornerstone of the D&I approach at Eni. We have launched and promoted initiatives for more structured activities, including surveys addressed to our target populations. We have collected the opinions of colleagues to understand our strengths and areas for improvement, and the results have been analysed based on the various target groups, among their gender.


On 8 November 2022, the second edition of “Eni for inclusion” was launched. An entire month was dedicated to valuing diversity and promoting a culture of inclusion.

The programme featured:

  • 4 live events with external spokespeople dedicated to the issues of age, gender, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity, always with an eye on our international dimension 

  • 4 "Valerio Lundini's Cover" videos presenting inclusion issues with an ironic approach to get people to reflect on the most common biases

  • 1 video from the MiX Festival on LGBTQ+ cinematography and Queer culture and 1 webinar on the keywords of sexual orientation and gender identity made with Parks-Liberi e uguali

  • All Eniforinclusion events were presented in Workplace – D&I Community, allowing the community to comment, ask questions and give feedback on the initiatives.

Also in 2022, Eni took part in Orange the world 25 November-10 December, the United Nations #OnHerSide campaign against gender-based violence, with a series of activities involving the top management, the active involvement of individual Eni people, initiatives with the Nido Scuola Eni (Eni's company crèche) and many others. The Eni world was coloured in orange for OrangeTheWorld. The windows of the Plenitude flagship stores changed their lighting and adopted the campaign colour. The Enjoy fleet also "wore Orange". The emergency number against violence against women, 1522, was promoted through these two channels and was also printed on gas and electricity bills to reach all customers. 

In 2022, social media channels were also used more extensively to promote D&I issues and initiatives among the Eni community, supporting events and partnerships, developing ad hoc content and joining the most active conversations (e.g., on 25 November, the international day for the elimination of violence against women). An advocacy activity was also developed on Linkedin to showcase Eni and its top management as promoters of a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Diversity & Inclusion has become an issue with strong attraction and retention implications not only for people already working in the company, but also for those entering the labour market. A new section within Eni's Linkedin page dedicated to inclusion has been created for this purpose, focusing on the value of diversity for Eni and on the actions taken.

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There are currently 8.427 women working for Eni. The global presence of female personnel is growing overall. In 2022, the percentage of female staff rose by 0,6% to 26,86% in comparison with 2021. 

Attractiveness & Retainment

Permanent hirings of women in 2022 amounted to 36.9%, growing by 4.4 percentage points in comparison with 2021. The figure of turnover of female staff increased in comparison with 2021, growing by 4.9 percentage points (women 16.2% vs. men 11.3%).


Within the company structure, the percentage of female personnel is thus divided by position (ratio of women to the total): 17.51% of executives, 29.67% of middle management, 30.73% of white-collar workers, 13.86% of blue-collar workers. Overall, there was an increase in the percentage of women in positions of responsibility (middle and senior management) at 28.5% compared to 27.3% in 2021. In all, women accounted for 26.86% of the total workforce. 


Eni’s By-laws provide that at least two-fifths of the Board of Directors are made up of women. Furthermore, the Management System Guideline ‘Corporate Governance of Eni Companies’ approved by the Board of Directors on 30 May 2013 and subsequently updated on 26 October 2017 provides that, subject to legal obligations, Eni must consider gender diversification where possible in selecting members of the management and control bodies of its foreign subsidiaries. In 2020, a woman took over as Chairman of Eni's Board of Directors and other female colleagues hold key positions in strategic-operational sectors such as Research and Development, Exploration, Drilling and Refining. At Eni, 33% of those reporting directly to the CEO are women. 

Read more about equal opportunities, female employment and related trends on page 52 of Eni for 2022 – A just transition and page 19 of Eni for 2022 - Sustainability performance.

Female, intergenerational and international mentoring

Consolidating and extending mentoring processes has further strengthened the value of intergenerational exchange, helping to make internal relationships more open to different viewpoints and mutual inclusion, with a particular focus on guiding female careers. From 2017 to December 2022, around 383 mentoring paths were followed involving around 200 mentors. In particular, over the years:


  • the pool of mentors was expanded, including middle-management colleagues, while the involvement of female mentors was also monitored. The mentee pool was expanded, involving younger female and male colleagues (including women returning from maternity leave)
  • an edition of reverse mentoring was launched, involving around 10 different paths
  • around 40 cross-cultural paths involving mentors and mentees of different nationalities were activated
  • we organised the Mentoring Open Day, a digital event during which the mentors’ programme and characteristics were presented. As a result, we were able to further expand the pool of mentors applying on a voluntary basis
  • we organised a training edition dedicated solely to female mentors to promote gender balance also in this project
  • the number of women who take part in the various programmes is constantly monitored.


As part of the Mentor Academy, a space where mentor colleagues can compare and share experiences to continuously improve and grow together, various training activities (continuous learning), path supervision and methodological analysis were carried out. All of them were aimed at consolidating the culture of intergenerational listening and sharing.

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On 3 October, the D&I Community was launched on Workplace through a specific Group that initially involved around 1,000 colleagues from the whole Eni group. The group was very successful, with the number of members rising to 1670 as of December 2022. The D&I Community's communication plan includes sharing information about D&I events organised internally or by associations linked to Eni (Parks, Valore D), information about international days on D&I issues, calls to action and posts published by D&I Advocates who told their inclusion stories.

The energy that the company invests in developing inclusion involves implementing carefully monitored activities aimed at continuously improving internal practices and behaviour, using internationally recognised success indicators. Eni pays particular attention to general and specialist measurement ratings used in this area and periodically updates its internal mapping. This is achieved by asking the various corporate functions responsible for the processes involved to identify priorities for action with a view to pinpointing necessary innovations and/or continuous improvement. Also in this area, Eni set up a network of company experts to act as a control body for analyses, internal measuring and process monitoring.