Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is a resource to be safeguarded and valued. The inclusion of all diversities forms the basis of our commitment, both within the company and in our relations with external stakeholders.


As a global energy company, which relies on people and structures in many countries throughout the world, we embrace a plural vision, focusing on including the diversity of the people working with us, whose cultural contribution helps to define Eni’s identity. Our Mission and our Code of Ethics are based on equal treatment, providing important leverage for internal engagement and for triggering corporate innovation processes. Eni’s commitment to the principle of inclusion is reflected in the creation of a work environment based on the principles of equal opportunity, regardless of differences in gender, religion, race, nationality, sexual orientation, social status, physical ability and age and a language free of words, phrases or a tone expressing prejudiced, stereotyped or discriminatory opinions towards specific groups of people. The principle of inclusion is also reflected in practice in the removal of architectural barriers and the building of an accessible company.


Eni’s values

Our focus on sustainability and innovation centred around our people makes it possible for use to take advantage of ideas, skills and passion to create lasting growth.


Reference principles and organisation of activities

We are committed to creating a work environment where different personal and cultural characteristics or orientations are considered a resource.

Gender Equality

Gender equality is the fifth United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal, calling for the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and girls around the world by 2030. In 2021, Eni subscribed to the United Nations’ Women Empowerment Principles (WEP), reinforcing its commitment to promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace, in business practices and in society.

There are currently 8,427 women working at Eni (in Italy and abroad). In 2022, women numbered 26.86% of the total work force, up on the figure for 2021 (24.82%).

In 2023, Eni was again included by Bloomberg in the Gender Equality Index, which lists the top companies in the world in terms of equal opportunities based on a number of key criteria: leadership and talent development, equal pay and gender equality, inclusive culture, anti-sexual harassment policies and brand reputation.

At Eni, the issue of gender equality forms the basis for a number of sustainable development projects, which promote equal opportunities as a growth factor for the entire community, and translate into providing effective support to women in their career paths. In terms of training, Eni promotes initiatives to familiarise girls with technical-scientific subjects, working in conjunction with schools to implement STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines. Our corporate acceleration programmes support female entrepreneurship, focusing specifically on innovation, multiculturalism, gender equality and women’s empowerment. We pursue a pay equity policy within the company, currently standing at 98% (figure referring to Italy, whereas the gender pay ratio percentage over total remuneration referring to countries abroad rises to 101%).

Stop gender-based violence

From 25th November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to 10th December, the Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Eni joined the UNiTE campaign against gender-based violence.


A multidimensional point of view

We are cognisant of the positive and negative impacts that companies can have on women.

Zero tolerance against discrimination and harassment

As stated in the Code of Ethics, Eni is committed to ensuring a work environment free from any form of discrimination or abuse, by establishing working relationships characterised by fairness, equality, non-discrimination and attention and respect for the dignity of each individual. We condemn the use of language that reinforces gender stereotypes or shows racism, ableism and prejudice of any kind.


Zero Tolerance Policy

The choral video of our 22 colleagues, from different countries.

27 September 2022

Our activities towards the recognition of Diversity and Inclusion

Eni is continuing to promote initiatives aimed at raising awareness of inclusion and cultural diversity and increase understanding on the risks of non-inclusion.


No gender pay gap

Pay equity for the same role is an integral part of our approach to Diversity and Inclusion, and also refers to the United Nations’ principle of “equal pay for equal work”.

Forming the basis for Eni’s commitment to the issue of D&I

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