Trasformazione digitale

Digital transformation: people and technology

Change is a constant in our everyday work. Our digital strategy drives this change.

by Eni Staff
1 min read
by Eni Staff
1 min read

Digital transformation for greater efficiency and flexibility

Digital transformation is the driver behind greater safety of our people and their activities, simpler operational management and improved asset integrity. It enriches skills and increases flexibility and speed in decision making. Full digitization increases our capacity to predict operational events, and the transparency and traceability of operations.

Technologies and skills

Eni invests in digital technologies and in related skills’ development to make us faster, more efficient and more responsible. Digital transformation is not only about technological upgrade; it also affects the way people interact with technology. Performance is reinforced by technology, the fruit of successful integration between people, their skills and their available technology.

Initiatives for change

For Eni's digital transformation, it is essential to recruit new talent and collaborate with third parties to develop cutting-edge projects. Through its Open Innovation projects, Eni selects startups (Italian and international) able to provide particularly innovative solutions on issues of interest to the company. Over the last two years, a number of projects have been initiated and completed in the areas of retail and advanced human resources management.

New roles for digital transformation

Only by involving people are we able to transform technology into a tool for business evolution. That is why the types of roles in Eni are undergoing radical change, including more and more roles relating to digital transformation, like big data solution architects. Training algorithms with data, preventing risks, running simulations, governing plants remotely. This is happening right now, not in the future. It's just part of the work that big data solution architects do to provide solutions to the demands of our company's businesses.