Digital Meets: Look into the Future

A new format on the changes of the digital ecosystem: innovation and technology are at the heart of the dialogue on what the future might look like for people and business.

Innovation trends to imagine tomorrow

Digital Meets: Look into the Future is a new online format looking at the changes to the digital ecosystem and highlighting the benefits of technology in different fields, trying to imagine future scenarios in which each of us will have a role to play. In each episode, Dario Pagani, Head of Digital & Information Technology at Eni and an expert from the world of innovation, moderated by Paolo Sangalli, Eni Digital & Information Technology, discuss the main trends of the digital transformation, with the emphasis always on people.

The cross-cutting and integrated approach identifies opportunities, challenges and solutions for the digital ecosystem. We’ll explore these themes together in each episode:

  1. The digital sphere as a social right
  2. The digitalization path of large companies and SMEs
  3. Collaborative Robotics: how technology empowers human value
  4. Digital transformation: strategic approaches to generate value

1. The digital sphere as a social right

Dario Pagani and Filippo Scorza look at the issue of digital equality, understood as the role that technologies play in levelling out inequalities. This is a dialogue on the opportunities that digital technology creates for people and developing countries, a discussion on experiences and the action that individuals and companies can take to support a more equal world.

The guest: Filippo Scorza
Filippo currently works as a MISE (Ministry of Industry and Economic Development) certified Innovation and Digital Transformation Consultant, collaborating with Talent Garden's Innovation School and designing and delivering corporate projects for Kopernicana. He previously founded two startups and today he helps, supports and empowers companies to create innovation and added value in their services and products. A digital enthusiast who is also a digital volunteer in developing countries and dedicates his weekends to farming.


The digital sphere as a social right

2. The digitalization path of large companies and SMEs

In this episode, we look at the digitalization process for both large Italian companies, with a high technological impact, and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), which often struggle due to their circumstances and being a long way off full digitalization. Dario Pagani and Irene Sardellitti discuss these two different contexts, analysing the differences and similarities that drive the transformations of these businesses, and emphasising the role digital culture has in the evolutionary process.

The guest: Irene Sardellitti
Irene is the head of innovation services for Kilometro Rosso, a science and technology park. Her professional experience includes European public funding, innovation strategies, technology scouting, and project management in the ICT (robotics and artificial intelligence) field. Previously, she was policy officer at the European Commission’s DG Connect, where she worked in the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence unit. In addition, she earned her doctorate in robotics at the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and has worked as a researcher at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia. Irene’s mission is to facilitate cooperation towards technological development between industry and academia, by identifying opportunities for innovation and supporting its dissemination.


The digitalization path of large companies and SMEs

Collaborative robotics: how technology empowers human value

The future is leading towards an ever closer relationship between humans and technology, with robotics serving and empowering us, helping us with difficult choices and protecting us. Together with Dario Pagani and Andrea Zanchettin, we look at the implications and opportunities of collaborative robotics and outline the future possibilities to make the most of human value with the support of robots.

The guest: Andrea Zanchettin
Born in Cremona in 1983, Andrea was awarded a PhD with honours in Information Technology at the Politecnico di Milano in 2021. Between 2014 and 2021, he was a research assistant in the Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering (DEIB), where he is now an Associate Professor. His work looks at mechatronic systems, automated controls and intelligent interaction between humans and robots. He has been a member of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society since 2009. Andrea co-founded the IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Collaborative Automation for Flexible Manufacturing in 2017, of which he is co-chair and he is chair of the Italian Chapter (I-RAS). He is co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of Smart Box, a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano.


Collaborative robotics: how technology empowers human value

4. Digital transformation: strategic approaches to generate value

We explore the risks that can arise from a digital transformation process and reflect on strategies and methodologies that allow businesses to innovate while generating real value for the company and the country. Dario Pagani and Gianluca Salviotti, expert in high-impact digital technologies for the business world and in IT and Cyber risk management, discuss the "enemies" of digital transformation, how to deal with them and the role of training in creating a culture of innovation that can really change companies.

The guest: Gianluca Salviotti
Gianluca is Associate Professor of Practice in Information Systems and Digital Transformation at SDA Bocconi School of Management. He is Information Systems Faculty Deputy and responsible for the teaching of Governance and Strategy for Cyber Risk at Bocconi University. He is also a member of the Faculty SDA Bocconi Asia Center. Gianluca is coordinator of the research lab on Digital Enterprise Value and Organization (DEVO Lab) and Professor of Information Systems and Digital Transformation at SDA Bocconi. He is Director of the Open Mastering Digital Evolution, IT Governance and IT Risk Management programmes. He has led research and training programmes for companies including ABB, Eni, IBM, Samsung, SAP, TIM and Vodafone. He also collaborates with the MIT Design Lab.


Digital transformation: strategic approaches to generate value