The world of HSEQ

Primary activities

Eni’s HSEQ activities are crucial for keeping people safe and working towards environmental sustainability - key values at Eni locally and internationally. Safety isn't just a priority, it is a core value of the organisation. The professionals who work in this business area apply their experience to manage safety in a way that protects our people, installations and processes. We invest in training programmes that promote a culture of safety.


Following are the main positions in the HSEQ area

  • Environmental Professionals
     Eni’s Environmental Professionals provide technical and operational support,overseeing issues related to water, climate change, reclamation and environmental waste. They support the process of evaluating environmental aspects and supervising the execution of ESHIA (Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment) studies. Our environmental specialists also supervise the development of targeted environmental studies before, during and after decommissioning, providing support for the execution of specific atmospheric emissions studies and monitoring air quality, including dispersion, emission field campaigns and odour management. They also manage the advancement of research projects on environmental issues.

  • Occupational Safety Specialists
     Our Occupational Safety Specialists are tasked with supervising  analysis of the main risks at onshore and offshore operational sites, providing support for the implementation of management systems for occupational safety and keeping company standards up-to-date. They analyse accidents and near-misses for reporting purposes, using root-cause analysis techniques and acting as the auditor in safety audits.
    Occupational Safety Specialists work to develop programmes and campaigns that inform, increase awareness and train workers on the aspects of safety in the workplace with the aim of reducing the number of injuries and accidents.
  • Other roles
    - Technical Audit Leaders
    - Process Safety Specialists
    - Occupational Safety Specialists