Esplorazione e Geoscienza


The world of Exploration

Primary activities

Eni's research, innovation and technology translate into high rates of exploration success, discovering new fields throughout the world. This offers our people a stimulating, multicultural environment to work in. We promote international mobility to ensure our people achieve professional growth and a repertoire of continuously broadening skills. At Eni, internal growth and progression are an important way for us to maintain and develop our people. Our mobility programmes are backed up by training plans that foster continuous professional development.


Following are the main positions in the Engineering and Construction areas

  • Geodata Specialists
    Eni’s Geodata Specialists work together to apply advanced geoscience data analysis techniques. This includes, but is not limited to Big Data, machine learning, advanced analysis applied to data processing, data modelling and data visualisation for studies that support Eni’s exploration activities.
    They also conceptualise new approaches and methodologies using tools and workflows to analyse and interpret quantitative geophysical and geological data. They work to develop prototypes on an industrial scale for high performance computing systems and state-of-the-art visualisation devices.
  • Chief Geologists/Geophysicists
    Our Chief Geologists/Geophysicists are responsible for analysing and interpreting geophysical data (seismic, potential, electromagnetic) and integrating these into surface and subsoil geological data (geological maps, remote sensing data, outcrop data and samples) in order to develop geological models for use both in identifying situations conducive to the accumulation of hydrocarbons and the classification of reservoir attributes.
  • Other roles
    - Chief of Geodata Modelling
    - Geochemistry Studies Specialists
    - Sedimentology Experts

Job opportunities