Il candidato fa la differenza

How to stand out as a candidate

4 tips to help you prepare for the selection process

1 - Gather information about the company

Arrive prepared with knowledge about the company and the position you applied for, including the broader sector, company strategy documents and interviews with the executive team.

Explore the company website, where you will find details about its activities, global presence and the various professional areas.


When doing your preparation, read recent news in industry publications and try to understand the company strategy and performance.

Chiara Martinelli – Global Resourcing, Eni

2 - Show motivation

It is crucial to have clear reasons for why you have chosen to apply, which indicate rationality and expectations about the type of company you would like to work for.

This helps the recruiter understand your potential contribution and professional aspirations.


The ideal candidate demonstrates ambition and eagerness to learn as well as a good, respectful attitude and professionalism.

Elizabeth Valma – Global Resourcing, Eni

3 - Emphasise your soft skills

At Eni, we assess your soft skills based on our ‘model of excellence’. Regardless of your experience level, important soft skills include self-awareness, proactivity, teamwork and communication.

For experienced professionals, we look for leadership skills such as listening, prioritising and problem solving. Effective teamwork is a central pillar of our culture, just like communication; the balance between speaking and active listening.


When it comes to soft skills, teamwork, empathy with colleagues and adaptability are hugely important.

Oscar Hopkinson – Global Resourcing Manager, Eni

3 - Once you’ve submitted your CV, be prepared to tell the recruiter about it

Be concise but specific to highlight your most significant experiences.

Describe how you have gone ‘above and beyond’ to deliver great results. This could involve working with others, demonstrating a strong collaborative ethos.


It’s unusual to identify a candidate who meets every single requirement on a job specification. Offer examples where you have learned from a particular challenge or failure and subsequently applied this to your advantage.

Oscar Hopkinson – Global Resourcing Manager, Eni

Be confident – you have been invited to interview because the recruiter believes you could have the right skills for the role.

Ameria Kyaligamba – Global Resourcing, Eni