International training courses

We believe knowledge is a determining factor in growth and development – for individuals, countries and communities.

Eni scholarships

We work with many prestige universities to design courses that meet the needs of the new wave of highly specialised graduates, and every year we offer between 100 and 150 scholarships to the most promising global students. A prime example of this is the specialised degree course for a number of scholarships in African Studies at St Antony’s College (Centre for African Studies of Oxford University).

Eni Scholarships in partnership with Luiss – “Sub-Saharan Africa Project”

With the aim of promoting human capital and contributing to the growth of the African continent, Eni supports training programs for the young by affording them the opportunity to gain know-how and learn about best practice through studying at Luiss. Eni and Luiss are offering 10 scholarships to students from Angola, Congo, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Mozambique and Nigeria to attend master degree programs taught in English for the 2020/2021 academic year. The program envisages the award of a full-ride scholarship to each admitted student, covering tuition fees and the total cost of bed and board in Rome during the 2 academic years.

Deadline for applications: announcement notice has expired.

Partnerships with international universities

In Mozambique, the Eni Junior Professors project, in conjunction with the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (UEM) in Maputo, was launched in 2014 with the objective to train eight “Eni Junior Professors”, who have gone on to form the new Engineering Faculty devoted to the energy sector. The training programme was designed and implemented by the Eni Corporate University with input from the University of Perugia, Turin Polytechnic and the China University of Petroleum (Beijing), as well as experts from the University of Texas. The project was completed in 2017, with the eight Eni Junior Professors prepared to begin their university teaching careers at the UEM.

Since 2018 in Kazakhstan, we have been involved in a pilot project offering a study programme devised by the Society of Petroleum Engineers for courses in Petroleum Engineering. The objective is to bring the content of local university courses into line with the requirements of the energy sector. Nazarbayev University in Astana and Satbayev University in Almaty have joined the project under the direction of the Colorado School of Mines and with the participation of Eni teaching staff. 

The same year, we supported the Kazakh British Technical University (KBTU) in Almaty in designing a Master’s in Petroleum Engineering, providing assistance with course planning and granting five scholarships. Turin Polytechnic (Petroleum Engineering) and the University of Basilicata (Geosciences) and Eni Corporate University have been involved in the teaching of the Master’s course. The first cohort of 25 students will be awarded their Master’s degrees in September 2020. Since September 2019, the KBTU, with support from Agip Karachaganak, EniProgetti and ECU, has been running a Master’s course in Industrial Project Management and Engineering. We plan to grant five scholarships for participating students, while Eni and ECU staff will be involved in teaching on technical and economic/financial subjects.

In January 2019, in Ghana we launched the OKUAFO PA (‘Good Farmer’ in the local language) pilot project. The aim is to foster social and economic development in the rural district of Dormaa, where a training centre was established with the capacity to train the 800 students attending a programme in agribusiness lasting 12 months. The teacher-training component is provided by the University di Kumasi, with support from the Università Statale di Milano’s Faculty of Agriculture.