A culture of diversity

Looking at the world from different perspectives can help us spot new opportunities and grow as people and as a company.

Eni does not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, nationality, political opinion, sexual orientation, social status, physical ability or age. We are a global energy company: our roots may be in Italy but our outlook is worldwide. Our all-embracing vision recognises how so many different people, countries and cultures contribute to the growth and success of our company. In Eni, diversity is a resource that helps us face our global challenges. We express our identity through the acknowledgement that differences in culture, age and gender are assets.

A key factor in human development

Gender equality is one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Goal 5), calling for the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and girls around the world by 2030. In Eni, we have introduced sustainable development projects that promote equal opportunities as a growth factor for the whole community. One example is the Halo Trust in Angola, whose “100 Women in Demining” project involves women working to clear minefields, providing them with a helping hand on their path to economic independence.

To have any real effect, gender equality must involve concrete solutions:  it must include opportunities and services that provide truly effective support to women throughout their whole careers. An example of this is equal pay, which at Eni currently stands at 98 per cent (data refers to Italy, while abroad the percentage rises to 101% for the total pay ratio).

We also support equal opportunities through initiatives to promote the study of technical and scientific subjects among young women and girls. Our aim is to see more and more women in science and technology, with the hope that one day they’ll join us in Eni.

Eni is committed to creating a work environment in which a diversity of personal and cultural views are regarded both as assets and as sources of mutual enrichment, as well as critical to our sustainability as a business.


*total pay ratio Italy women vs. men equal to 101 for the fixed salary and 98 for the total salary


Building partnerships with the countries we operate in has always been part of how we work and has enabled us to grow into a global energy company. Everyone contributes and shares their culture, creating a genuine professional community. It’s also worth noting that in all the countries we operate in, we guarantee a minimum rate of pay significantly higher than the market rate for our local staff.

Age diversity

Promoting dialogue between people of different ages is vital to our approach to diversity and we carry out several initiatives to capture the know-how of some of our more experienced colleagues. Two examples are the Mentoring project, which connects more recently hired employees with experienced managers, and the Eni Faculty, whose more then 800 active trainers access and share our vast internal knowledge base.

Minimum wage policy

The minimum wage levels of Eni’s personnel are significantly higher than both the legal minimum wages and market minimum wage levels.

In the various Countries in which Eni operates, Eni guarantees fair and competitive remuneration policies with respect to roles and professional skills, providing salaries that ensure a decent standard of living, above mere subsistence levels and/or legal or contractual minimums in force, as well as minimum remuneration levels found on the local market. For this purpose, Eni provides its business lines, for each Country, with policy salary references that are significantly higher than the 1st decile of the local salary market, as well as the legal/ contractual minimums as found in the checks that Eni carries out annually on the salaries of local staff in the main Countries where it operates, compared to the minimum reference salaries provided by international providers.


Diversity in practice

Eni's diversity guarantees are based on the principles and values expressed in the company's Mission, Code of Ethics and "Our People" Policy, which are enshrined in our internal governance system. These principles and values are sanctioned by a performance measurement system that is framed by concrete diversity objectives and involves everyone who works with us.

Policy - Our people

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