D&I: enhancing diversity in career paths

Looking at the world from varying perspectives multiplies the possibility of finding opportunities and solutions, enriching us as a company and as people.

At Eni, we enhance all differences whether they refer to gender, religion, nationality, political opinion, sexual orientation, social status, physical abilities or age. Encountering different people, lands and cultures has always made this reality grow, developing into a plural and innovative vision. At Eni, plurality is a resource, an opportunity for enrichment and a heritage making the company stronger in the face of global challenges. An identity that expresses itself in the enhancement of diversity, from multiculturalism, to the heterogeneity of age, passing through gender equality.


A factor in human development

Gender equality is one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The fifth, calling for the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and girls around the world by 2030.

The initiatives that we have in place regarding equal opportunities include promoting initiatives to familiarise young girls with technical-science subjects: our objective is to ensure an increasing number of women in science and technology, in the hope that they can one day become Eni women.


Equal opportunities in practice

To be real, gender equality must be put into practice. In other words, it must include opportunities and services that can effectively support women in their career path. Such as pay equity, which at Eni currently stands at 98% (figure referring to Italy, whereas the percentage over total remuneration referring to countries abroad rises to 101%). Diversity is in fact a resource to be safeguarded and enhanced both within the Company and in all relations with external stakeholders, including suppliers, commercial and industrial partners, as underlined in Eni’s mission and Code of Ethics.

These principles and values are then promoted through a performance measurement system involving all management and everyone working with us, setting practical objectives for the inclusion of diversity.

Eni is committed to creating a work environment where different personal and cultural characteristics or orientations are considered a resource and a source of mutual enrichment and an indispensable element for business sustainability.



Another commitment to inclusion refers to initiatives focusing on people with disabilities, where the objective is to identify protective legislation for disabled workers, recruitment and/or training obligations, protection measures during the various stages of the employment relationship and any state schemes and/or support programmes available to companies.

Furthermore, one of the recruiting objectives at Eni is to ensure equal opportunities in selection processes and encourage the expression of diversity.

Learn more about our selection process

Commitment, determination and inclusion: the story of Claudio Zappador - Eni Health Reporting Manager


The decision to establish alliances with the countries hosting us has always been part of the way we work, driving our growth, to become a global energy company. Everyone has brought and shared their own culture, creating a real professional community made up of people. In all the countries where we operate, we also guarantee local staff minimum remuneration levels that are significantly higher than market rates.

Where we operate

The heterogeneity of age

Promoting interaction between people of different ages is another aspect of our plurality. To enhance the knowledge of our senior employees, we have implemented initiatives in recent years, promoting exchanges at intergenerational level. Two examples are the Mentoring project, in which experienced managers support the career path of younger resources, and the Eni Faculty, with more than 800 active trainers, that enhances the internal capital of knowledge and develops the ability to transmit it.

Our training programmes

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