Società controllate e partecipate Eni

Servizi Fondo Bombole Metano

SFBM carries out technical and administrative services for the CNG Cylinders Fund Committee.

Servizi Fondo Bombole Metano (SFBM) was created in 1999 following the sale of the business activity conducted by the Finance & Administration Department of Eni Corporate in Rome. The company provides technical and administrative services for the Comitato Fondo Bombole Metano attributing all operating costs through the Gestione Fondo Bombole Metano. The Comitato Fondo Bombole Metano is institutionally responsible for guaranteeing optimal safety condictions in the use of natural gas cylinders for transportation.


Law n. 640 and its relative regulations, introduced on 8 July 1950, established the rules for the circulation and use of natural gas canisters and the creation of a special fund, the “Fondo Bombole Metano”, to meet the cost of running the service in the public interest. The fund is administered by a committee made up of 9 members as follows:
2 representatives of the Ministry for Economic Development (on of whom will be the Chairman as controlling minister),
1 representative of the Ministry the Economy and Finance,
1 representative of the Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport,
1 representative of the of the association of natural gas suppliers,
1 representative of Eni SpA,
1 representative of Servizi Fondo Bombole Metano SpA,
2 representatives from trade associations.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of SFBM is made up as follows:

  • Angelo Bonaventura, Chairman
  • Corradino Girasoli, Member
  • Chiara Apolloni, Member

Board of Statutory Auditors

The Board of Statutory Auditors of SFBM is made up as follows:

  • Anna Lucia Muserra, Chairman
  • Luca Voglino, Mayor 
  • Francesca Parente, Mayor

Comitato Fondo Bombole Metano

Law n. 640 of 8 July 1950 and the relative regulations for implementation govern the circulation and use of natural gas cylinders for and the creation of the “Fondo Bombole Metano” aimed at meeting the costs for running a public service. The Fund is administered by a committee composed of representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development, Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, natural gas producers, owners of cylinders for natural gas, distributors and transporters of natural gas and two representatives of Eni.

The Committee:

  • is responsible for guiding and controlling the optimal safety of operating conditions of the natural gas cylinders for road haulage
  • does not have legal standing, but is autonomous in terms of the assets required and accounting of activities to ensure the fulfilment of its institutional role
  • administers the Fund that records its activities in separate accounts from those of SFBM and are accounted in a special report drawn up by the Committee and forwarded to the relevant ministries.

Management Control is entrusted to a special Board of Auditors which, in compliance with the law, plays a similar role to that of the Board of Statutory Auditors in the Articles of Association of joint stock companies. The law foresees that all users who have chosen natural gas as fuel for automotive purposes pay a fee related to the natural gas supplied. Such fees are then diverted to the Fund administered by a Committee appointed by the Minister of Productive Activities jointly with the Ministry of Economy and Finance.



The Fondo Bombole Metano was established on 8 July 1950. On 8 August 1992 Law no. 359 transformed the then Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi into Eni SpA and Law n. 333 of 11 July 1993 the activities of the previously state-owned body were attributed in the form of a licence to the company resulting from the transformation. On 5 January 1998 the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts, in consultation with the Secretary of the Treasury, Economic Budgeting and Planning and the Ministry of Finance issued a decree granting Eni S.p.A. the exercise of activities relating to the Fondo Bombole Metano for twenty years, enabling Eni SpA to conduct such activities through a subsidiary company. SFBM SpA. was established in December 1999.

Technical activities of the plant

  • testing of cylinders using a hydraulic test presented in line with expiry dates (4 or 5 years).
  • inspection by hydraulic and ultrasound tests of composite cylinders installed on public transport in line with expiry dates (four years).
  • replacement of cylinders that are no longer suitable for use.
  • cylinder punching activities.

Headquarter technical activities

  • monthly monitoring of fuel consumption with monthly updates and a mapping of manufacturers, distributors and natural gas service stations
  • management of test certificates for cylinders installed on public and private transport
  • management of the registration of cylinders in circulation
  • assistance for safety activities at natural gas filling stations


Administrative activities

The SFBM carries out administrative activities on behalf of the Comitato Fondo Bombole Metano. In particular, it manages the proceeds of the contributions from:

  • suppliers of natural gas to service stations proportional to the amount of gas supplied. 
  • owners of “gas cylinder wagons” designed to transport natural gas in proportion to the number of cylinders transported.
  • buyers of newly manufactured or imported cylinders. The SFBM also manages receipts from the sale of cylinders no longer suitable for use. The SFBM SpA provides for the mandatory review of cylinders used as natural gas fuel tanks of motor vehicles registered in Italy. It also checks the structural integrity of the cylinders for compliance with current safety standards, thereby exercising functions of a public nature (technical and administrative) as foreseen by Law 640 of 07.08.1950 and amended by Law 145 of 7.6.1990.


Plant process

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Articles of Association (Only Italian version)

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Attività Sensibili Model 231 - SFBM (Only Italian version)

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Legge 8 luglio 1950, n. 640 (only Italian version)

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