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Eni’s new reality in the trading market

In keeping with Eni’s overall strategy in respect of the global energy transition, starting from January 1, 2021, Eni Trade & Biofuels SpA ("ETB"), fully owned by Eni SpA, will be the sole entity responsible for the international trading of crude oil, petroleum products, bio-fuels and related financial derivatives for the Eni group.

In particular, ETB will be responsible for marketing Eni’s oil equity productions, sourcing hydrocarbon and bio feedstock and marketing the resulting productions of its traditional and green refineries and of its petrochemical arm Versalis.

ETB’s activities further include the sourcing and management of maritime transportation and logistic services, and the provision of oil risk management services, for itself and on behalf of the whole Eni group, by trading commodity derivatives on the main regulated and over the counter markets.

ETB’s integration with the wider Eni businesses ensures a global and integrated approach that is further reinforced by Eni's relationships and broad portfolio of global assets.


The members of the Board of Directors are:

  • Giuseppe Ricci, Chairman Chief Executive Officer
  • Alessandro Gaeta, Chief Executive Officer
  • Grazia Fimiani, Director
  • Cosimo Imperiale, Director
  • Francesca Rinaldi, Director

The members of the Board of Statutory Auditors are:

  • Alfonso Dell’Isola,  Chairman
  • Giulia De Martino, Standing statutory auditor
  • Mauro Ianiro, Standing statutory auditor
  • Carla Vilucchi, Substitute statutory auditor
  • Luigi Vannini, Substitute statutory auditor

The members of the Watch Structure are:

  • Mara CHILOSI (Presidente);
  • Laura FERRANDO
  • Alessandro GALLI



ETB is the trading arm of the Eni group for  crude oil, petroleum products and bio-fuels; on the 1st of January 2021 ETB completed the acquisition of Eni Trading and Shipping S.p.A. activities and related shipping services.

ETB relies on a team of about 250 people distributed in three offices (Rome, London and Singapore)  with the addition in Houston of Eni Trading & Shipping Inc. (ETS Inc) which handles marketing of oils and petroleum products for the US market.

ETB, together with ETS Inc., ensures a global presence on the international markets.

The ETB team is made up of motivated and highly qualified people who:

  • ensure in-depth knowledge of the energy commodities and financial markets;
  • take advantage of the vast experience gained previously in Eni group;
  • have access to a broad background of professional, cultural and gender experiences;
  • work with passion, determination and are oriented towards excellence;
  • guarantee reliability, speed and flexibility in achieving the assigned objectives;
  • share the values ​​of integrity, transparency and social responsibility. Principles that are the basis of our work, in compliance with the law, our Code of Ethics and Eni's regulatory system;
  • undertake to achieve best practices in the application of Eni's regulatory system, with particular attention to Anti-Corruption, Antitrust, HSEand Market Abuse   regulations and in compliance with the applicable laws on economic and financial sanctions.



The trading activities of ETB are focused on maximising the value of Eni equity crude oil productions and Green/Traditional Refinery and Marketing’s ’s refined products, whilst ensuring optimal purchase and delivery of best suited feedstock (both traditional and Bio) to the Eni refinery and petrochemical system. 

A global and an active market presence both aimed at selling equity and at acquiring alternative grades for our refineries is paramount to ensure the above value maximisation. 

Similarly, refined products portfolio optimisation is fundamental to ensure maximum value, particularly in volatile markets.

The trading activity is also developed through an articulated logistics network of assets (some of Eni’s property, others leased from third parties) through which the business is further enhanced and optimized.



Shipping activities consist in the sourcing and management of maritime transportation and logistic services for crude oil and petroleum / chemical products, both on international and national routes, carried out for own use and offered to other Eni’s business lines and to other companies of Eni Group.

In particular, the international transport of crude oils and refined products is carried out between the places of production or refining and other facilities of both Eni and third-party operators.

Domestic transport, on the other hand, mainly refers to semi-finished and finished products, both refining and petrochemicals, between the various production and distribution centres of Eni's operating units.


Vetting: Vessel assessment and inspections

For ETB it is essential that charters and related technical operators comply with all environmental and international safety codes.

To ensure this, ETB has set up its own Vetting team that guarantees the selection and authorization of the use of ships through inspections that assess their compliance with the highest industry standards.

This service started in the mid-nineties and since then, a sophisticated IT system has been developed allowing both the verification of the compliance with the rigorous standards required by the industry and the optimization of the processes.

  • ETB inspections of oil tankers, gas and chemical tankers, are performed through SIRE system (Ship Inspection Report) and by OCIMF (Oil Companies International Marine Forum) accredited inspectors, who rely on two inspection companies which ETB has a service contract with. Wherever possible, assessments are carried out on the basis of physical inspections conducted by ETB teams.
  • the assessment monitors the following areas: compliance with the ETB Minimum Selection Criteria (MSC), non-compliance with SIRE, PSC (Port State Control) and Flag State controls, ship’s age profile, Tanker Management Self Assessment (TMSA) results, accidents log and previous reports.
  • ETS adheres to the TMSA program and supports ship operators who actively participate in the system.


Model 231

Eni Trade and Biofuels SpA has adopted its own Model of Organization, Management and Control in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 231 of June 8, 2001 (the "Model 231"). Document available below.



Below you can find the Brexit-compliant references relevant to our activities related to Eni Trade & Biofuels S.p.A. - UK Establishment:

Eni Trade & Biofuels S.p.A.
Eni House, 10 Ebury Bridge Road, London SW1W 8PZ
UK establishment number:  BR022620
Head Office: Piazzale Enrico Mattei n. 1 – 00144 – ROME - ITALY
Registered at Chamber Of Commerce, Industry, Handicrafts And Agriculture Of Roma
Registration number: RN - 1609163
Joint Stock Company - Public Company Limited by Shares

Policy HSE London

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Policy HSE Singapore

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