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Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting June 10, 2008


In detail:

·       a summary of the outcomes of the AGM and the main points discussed

·       supporting documentation for the AGM downloadable in pdf


Eni S.p.A. Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting held on June 10, 2008 resolved to:

·       set the number of the Directors, to be appointed by the Shareholders' Meeting at nine, set a three financial year term for the Directors expiring on the date of approval Eni S.p.A. 2010 Financial Statements and appoint the following Board of Directors. 

- Roberto Poli, Chairman(1);

- Paolo Scaroni, Director(1);

- Alberto Clô, Director*(2);

- Paolo Andrea Colombo, Director*(1);

- Paolo Marchioni, Director(1);

- Marco Reboa, Director*(2);

- Mario Resca, Director*(1);

- Pierluigi Scibetta, Director(1);

- Francesco Taranto, Director*(2); 

·       set the annual remuneration of the Chairman and of each Director; 

·       appoint the Statutory Auditors and set the remuneration of the Chairman and members of the Board of the Statutory Auditors. The Board of the Statutory Auditors term of office is three financial years, expiring on the date of approval of Eni S.p.A. 2010 Financial Statements. The Statutory Auditors are:

- Ugo Marinelli, Chairman(2);

- Roberto Ferranti, Effective Auditor(1);

- Luigi Mandolesi, Effective Auditor(1);

- Tiziano Onesti, Effective Auditor(1);

- Giorgio Silva, Effective Auditor(2);

- Francesco Bilotti, Alternate Auditor(1); 

- Pietro Alberico Mazzola, Alternate Auditor(2). 

·       give the Board the authority to determine the compensation for the financial controller of Eni in accordance with guidance given by the Court of Accounts.

Biographies of the Directors and Statutory Auditors are available on


(1) drawn from the list of candidates presented by the majority shareholder Ministry of Economy and Finance, voted by the majority of the shareholders who have participated in the Shareholders' Meeting.
(2) drawn from the list of candidates presented by and voted by the minority of the shareholders who have participated in the Shareholders' Meeting.
* Candidate who declared to possess the qualification of independence pursuant to Articles 148 of the Legislative Decree 58/98.

Meeting Resolutions

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