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Eni’s Model

Eni’s Corporate Governance has a traditional structure and is founded on the principles of integrity, transparency and fairness.

The term Corporate Governance refers to the system of management and control of the company, in other words the set of technical and legal rules and regulations that aim to ensure effective and efficient management for the creation of value for all the shareholders, also taking into consideration the interests of other stakeholders. 

A tool to create sustainable value

This system is fundamental for Eni’s business model and alongside our business strategy supports the relationship of trust with our stakeholders, contributing to the achievement of results and creating sustainable value in the long term.  

Integrity and transparency

Eni pursues principles of integrity and transparency in defining its system of corporate governance, incorporating relevant general and special norms, the By-laws, the Code of Ethics, the recommendations outlined in the 2020 Corporate Governance Code to which Eni adheres, internal regulations and established best practice. 

Reliability and efficiency

Eni is listed on the Milan and New York Stock Exchanges and has adopted a traditional management and control system that entrusts the Board of Directors with management responsibility and gives supervisory functions to the Board of Statutory Auditors. The statutory auditing of the company’s accounts is entrusted to an external auditing firm. The presence of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance as an important shareholder requires the supervision of the Court of Auditors and the implementation of some special regulations.

“Golden Powers” and shareholding limits

Eni is subject to the general laws for listed companies and special regulations relating to its activities. Added to these are laws linked to the holding of interests of strategic important assets in the energy sector (Golden Powers pursuant to Law No. 56/2012) and shareholding limits.

Eni’s Corporate Governance initiatives

The Board of Directors defined the inalienable principles of Eni’s Corporate Governance system, identifying integrity and transparency as the founding principles of its system. Furthermore, the Company promotes and participates in a number of initiatives aimed at improving its own system and that of the Nation.

Among other initiatives, the participation in the Enacting Purpose Initiative should be noted. The final report of this Initiative contains insights into how the boards and senior executives can govern their organisation’s purpose, including a new governance framework called SCORE. The final report is available on Enacting Purpose Initiative website and on the Oxford Saïd Business School website.

In 2022, Eni participated in working groups for in-depth analysis of topics subject to European legislation such as corporate sustainability reporting and sustainability due diligence.

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Eni's proposals on corporate governance

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