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Marco Seracini

Standing Statutory Auditor

Statutory Auditor elected from the slate presented by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. He was born in Florence in 1957 and has been a Statutory auditor in Eni since May 2014. He is a certified chartered accountant, registered in the register of Florence, and a certified public auditor. He is currently, among others, Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors of Ing. Luigi Conti Vecchi SpA – Eni Group, and Eni Angola SpA – Eni Group. Statutory auditor in Trans Tunisian Pipeline Company SpA – Eni Group, Eni Fuel SpA – Eni Group, and Fondazione Stensen; Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors of Fondazione Giovanni Paolo II and of Progetto Agata Smeralda, Statutory auditor in Associazione Polimoda. He is and was member of various Watch Structure.

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10/02/2021. - 12:00 PM