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Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting May 12, 2016


In detail:

  • a summary of the outcomes of the AGM and the main points discussed
  • supporting documentation for the AGM downloadable in pdf


Eni S.p.A. Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting held on May 12, 2016 resolved:

  • to approve the financial statements at December 31, 2015 of Eni S.p.A. which show a net profit of 1,918,250,170.12 euro;
  • to allocate the net profit for the period of 1,918,250,170.12 euro, coming down to 477,794,116.92 euro, following the distribution of the 2015 interim dividend of 0.4 euro per share, resolved by the Board of Directors on September 17, 2015, as follows:
    - the amount of 66,263,004.18 euro to the reserve required by Article 6, paragraph 1, letter a) of Legislative Decree No. 38 of February 28, 2005;
    - to Shareholders, in the form of a dividend of 0.4 euro per share owned and outstanding at the ex-dividend date, excluding treasury shares on that date, and completing payment of the interim dividend for the financial year 2015 of 0.4 euro per share, the remaining net profit and drawing on the available reserve as necessary. The total dividend per share for financial year 2015 therefore amounts to 0.8 euro per share;
    - the payment of the balance of the 2015 dividend in the amount of 0.4 euro, on May 25, 2016, with an ex-dividend date of May 23, 2016 and a record date of May 24, 2016;
  • to appoint as Director Alessandro Profumo1, who will remain in office until the expiration of the current Board of Directors and, therefore, until the date of the Shareholders’ Meeting that will approve the financial statements at December 31, 2016.

In addition Eni’s Shareholders Meeting resolves in favour of the first section of the Remuneration report pursuant to Article 123-ter of the Legislative Decree 58/98.


1 Candidate who declared to possess the qualification of independence pursuant to Article 148, paragraph 3 of the Legislative Decree 58/98 and Article 3 of the Corporate Governance Code. The curriculum of the Director appointed is available on

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Integrated Annual Report 2015

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Assemblea Ordinaria 12 maggio 2016